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 Fly F-18 FIghter Jet Attack 3D 4.8.1

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Are you crazy about flying planes and fighter jets? Now user can fulfill his/her, fantasy through this Real F-18 3D Jet Fighter Attack Airplane Flight Simulator. User can get the ultimate experience of fighter jet. The story-line of the game is very addictive and challenging as you user to perform air force and naval missions. Steer the plane through various battlefields like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Columbia, Mexico and multiple countries of Africa avoid emergency situations like mayday. Feel real jet fighter cockpit view camera pilot flying.
Master the art of aerial maneuvers and learn all the aerial combats techniques like:

✈️ Airstrike.
✈️ Strategic bombing.
✈️ Anti-aircraft warfare.
✈️ Dog Fight.
✈️ Basic fighter maneuvering.
✈️ Aerial torpedoes.
✈️ Aerial Bombs.
✈️ Air-to-ground rockets.
✈️ Air-Launched Missiles.
✈️ Air-to-ground weaponry.
✈️ Aircraft ordnance.

Here are some highlighting features

👨‍✈️ Multiple unlocked and locked fighter jets.
👨‍✈️ Realistic maps with ultimately realistic runways and airports.
👨‍✈️ Visual Effects (VFX).
👨‍✈️ Realistic Sound effects (SFX).
👨‍✈️ Realistic Aircraft carriers and sub marines.
👨‍✈️ Multiple animation and guidelines to help the player to fly the jet in more efficient way.
👨‍✈️ Steer plane through oceans and seas and protect military settlements.
👨‍✈️ It provides the most authentic physics.
👨‍✈️ Emergency Landing and mayday landing.
👨‍✈️ Through the realistic simulator you easily understand how to maintain the altitude of the plane.
👨‍✈️ Accurate simulator helps the users to understand aerodynamics.
👨‍✈️ Get the instructions from control room at regular instances.
👨‍✈️ Steer your plane in ultimate weather situations like thunderstorm, rain and fog.

User can unlock some classic fighter planes like:

✈️ F-17
✈️ F-16
✈️ JF-17 Thunder
✈️ F-22
✈️ F-15
✈️ B-22.
✈️ McDonnell Douglas Eagle.
✈️ Super-marine Spitfire.
✈️ Hawker Hurricane.
✈️ MiG-31.
✈️ Su-35.
✈️ MiG-29K.
✈️ AV-8B.
✈️ F35B.
✈️ F/A-18 Super Hornet.
✈️ MIG-29K Fulcrum.
✈️ F-14 Super Tomcat.
✈️ A-6 Intruder.
✈️ AV-8B Harrier II.
✈️ F35B Lightning II.
✈️ F4E Phantom II.
✈️ F-16 Falcon.
✈️ SU-47 Berkut.
✈️ F-22 Raptor.
✈️ Euro-fighter Typhoon.

This game provides a complete simulator through which you can easily understand other planes like:

✈️ Commercial Jet.
✈️ Cargo Airplane Jet.
✈️ Private Jet Airplane Parking Hanger.
✈️ Helicopter.
✈️ Fighter Jet.
✈️ Passenger Aircraft.
✈️ Boeing Plane.
✈️ Canadair Rescue Plane.
✈️ Sea Plane.
✈️ War Plane.

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