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Fly F18 Jet Fighter Airplane Game Attack 3D Free is war based simulation game, where the user will serving air force as a pilot. The user has to fly a jet fighter plane and get himself in various aerial battles, mostly aerial battles features strategic bombing. The user will be flying the most advance jet planes as the game is designed according to a world war situation where no land or plane is safe thus user has to be super alert because enemy can unleash attack from anywhere. The user has to be careful and has to take instruction from air traffic control room and radar so he/she may stay alert from any situation around him.

Following Classic and Modern Planes have been featured in the game:

✈️ B-52 Jet Fighter.
✈️ Rafale B Jet Fighter.
✈️ J10B Fighter Jet.
✈️ B-17 Fighter Jet.
✈️ F-16 Fighter Jet.
✈️ F-17 Fighter Jet.
✈️ F-18 Fighter Jet.
✈️ C-18 Jet Fighter.
✈️ C-35 Jet Fighter.
✈️ F-35 Jet Fighter.

The game shows features landscapes, oceans, mountains and seas to flyover which the user an ultimate realistic user experience. Use Aerial Maneuvering, Jet Fighter acceleration and variety of aerial angles to gain the upper hand in aerial battles over opponents and take down their aircraft save the passenger, cockpit and cabin crew.

The aerial battles that have been featured in the game are:

✈️ Dog Fight.
✈️ Airstrike.
✈️ Air combat maneuvering.
✈️ Aerial reconnaissance.
✈️ Strategic bombing.
✈️ Anti-aircraft warfare.
✈️ Aerial Bombing.
✈️ UAV.
✈️ Missile.

Let us explore the features of the game:

✈️ Realistic airports and air base.
✈️ Smooth and easy controls.
✈️ High level simulation.
✈️ High Definition display with remarkable texture quality.
✈️ Classic and modern warfare.
✈️ Reality Based Mission with strong characterization and story line.
✈️ Weather engine to create multiple climate situations.
✈️ Physics engine that creates amazing flying experience.
✈️ More than 20 challenging levels.
✈️ Destroy Airbase with deadliest bombing.
✈️ Innovative and dynamic camera angles.
✈️ High quality 3D display.
✈️ Detailed user controls.
✈️ Tilt sensor for tilt controls.
✈️ World famous runways and Airports.
✈️ Hit the aeroplane and various other planes.
✈️ Mayday and emergency landing message passing.
✈️ Constant mechanism of instructions from the control room.
✈️ Plane Crash Animations.
✈️ Perform Rescue Operations.
✈️ Paratrooper Jump.
✈️ Highly accurate radar to guide the user.
✈️ Use simulated flight controls.
✈️ Take advantage of the variable-geometry wings and fly in the cockpit.
✈️ Air crash animation.
✈️ Advanced aerial weaponry with advanced missile system.
✈️ Realistic Sound effects (SFX).
✈️ Simulated Visual effects (VFX).
✈️ Use anti-aircraft gun and UAV missile system.
✈️ Hunt Enemy in this free fpv mega sena air combat.
✈️ I.F.L.O.L.S. approaching system.
✈️ No In-app purchase totally free download.
✈️ No internet Required.
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