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 Fly F18 Jet Fighter Airplane Game Attack Free 3D 4.8.1

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Fly F18 Jet Fighter Airplane Game Attack Free 3D is a fighter jet aircraft simulation game where the user will be flying and indulge himself in intense aerial battles. The game is specially designed for the modern aerial warfare and classic aerial battles to give the user realistic firsthand experience. The game features multiple flight challenges the user has to be super-efficient with aerial maneuvering when it comes to aerial battle. The user has to be extra careful with aircraft altitude and avoid air crash. In any emergency situation the pilot can pass mayday message for emergency landing.

The mission features intense aerial battles like:

✈️ Air Combat Maneuvering.
✈️ Dog Fight.
✈️ Aerial Bombing.
✈️ Air Strike.
✈️ Strategic Bombing.
✈️ Aerial Reconnaissance.
✈️ Anti-aircraft Warfare.
✈️ Air to Air Missile strike.
✈️ Air to ground Missile Strike.
✈️ Airlift.

The user has to be super alert whenever he/she leads any offensive or defensive campaign as the user will be flying the plane or Warzone and anyone can hit the fighter jet. The game provides physics and concept of aerodynamic that gives the user to experience the real aerodynamics which will create this game one of the most authentic simulation game.

Following are few among many highlighting features of the game:

✈️ Realistic HD graphics.
✈️ Plane animations and cut scene.
✈️ Plane crash animation.
✈️ Various animations and guidelines.
✈️ Sound effects (SFX).
✈️ Visual effects (VFX).
✈️ Smooth and easy controls with multiple options.
✈️ Challenging scenarios like mayday and emergency landing.
✈️ Intense aerial warfare and battle.
✈️ Unique aerial missile system.
✈️ Constant instruction from air traffic control room.
✈️ Authentic radar system.
✈️ Variety of fighter jet aircraft:

✈️ F-18.
✈️ F-16.
✈️ F-22.
✈️ B-22.
✈️ Dassault Rafale.
✈️ North American F-86 Sabre.
✈️ Grumman F-14 Tomcat.
✈️ Sukhoi Su-27.
✈️ Supermarine Spitfire.
✈️ Rescue Plane.

✈️ Keep the cabin crew and passengers safe and guard the airplane towards the destination.
✈️ Perform multiple Rescue Missions.
✈️ Perform secrete Surveillance Missions.
✈️ Explore world's best Airports, Air Bases and Runways.
✈️ Take part in operations and fly Helicopters.
✈️ Explore Classic Word War 1 & World War 2 missions.
✈️ Control the Battlefield Combat by Aerial Surveillance.
✈️ Use advance Map Radar System to take a lead over enemy and hit the target with precision.
✈️ Action filled extreme missions.
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