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Find your Follower, Unfollowers, Fans & Ghost Followers and more! Totally Free!

Do you ever wonder which Instagram followers blocked or unfollowed you? You might even have many ghost followers, secret admirers or inactive users that you don't know about. You can now find out who they are with this Instagram followers tracker app for free.

Our insta tracker App provides instafollow analytics for Instagram!
The application, working with 99% accuracy, shows you who is looking at the profile as a list. We analyze your profile data based on interactions with your profile such as likes, comments, requests and much more by our special algorithm!

With Followers Insight for Instagram app, you can easily manage and track multiple accounts to discover things you didn't know before.

Check your insta followers fast and know more about non followers on Instagram. That app will be perfect for users, who do not know Who unfollowed me? Which person can unfollow me Instagram? Learn everything about insta likes and followers for free.

So, you are at right place. This app tracks your unfollowers, automatically unfollows your lists, makes bulk operations and unfollows all your lists. Besides the app provides detailed statistics about your likes, comments, posts, followers and followings.

Several Features Of Follower Analyzer :

✓ all your unfollowers and allows you unfollow them directly from our app!
✓ all your ghost followers (fans) and allows you follow them directly from our app!
✓ all your mutual followers
✓ Auto unfollow,
✓ Follower Analyzer For Instagram
✓ Unfollow/follow/block/unblock without limits
✓ Secret Admirers (Who Likes You Most)
✓ Tracking new follows,
Followers Tool for Instagram
✓ Tracking new followers,
✓ Who You Admire Most (Who You Like Most)
✓ Best Friends
✓ Lost Friends
✓ Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram
✓ Top Likers
✓ Tracking lost follows/unfolloweds,
✓ Tracking lost followers/unfollowers,
✓ Showing blockers,
✓ Unfollowers for Instagram
✓ Keep track of your loyal followers.
✓ Switch Instagram accounts to monitor more than one.
✓ Detect who spies you and who liked you the most.
✓ Discover potential spammers or least active users.
✓ Showing your blockings,
✓ Who Views My Profile? Visitors & Followers Tracker
✓ View follower who never liked or comment on your post
✓ View follower which always liked or comment on your friend post
✓ View your top liked and top commented posts
✓ Give shoutouts to your best Instagram followers.
✓ Gain many other insights related to your account.
✓ View people who are tagged often in your post
✓ View follower that frequently liked and comment on your post
✓ Create white list and manage it,
✓ FollowMeter for Instagram
✓ Manage auto unfolloweds with a seperate list,
✓ Total number of posts and its trend,
✓ Unlimited profile analyzer
✓ Detail liker and commenter
✓ Total number of likes and its trend,
✓ Total number of comments and its trend,
✓ Total number of followings and its trend,
✓ Story Analysis (NEW!)
✓ Who blocked me on Instagram
✓ Account Statistics
✓ Track your Gained/Lost followers
✓ Which of your friend did like your posts most
✓ Total number of followers and its trend,
✓ Last seven media total number of likes, posts and averages line graph,
✓ All the locations you were with the number of occurrences
✓ Which of your friends not following you although you follow them
✓ Most/least popular media according to total number of likes and comments,
✓ Most/least popular media according to total number of likes,
✓ Most/least popular media according to total number of comments,
✓ Who viewed my Instagram
✓ Who unfollowed me on Instagram
✓ Unfollowers

WARNING: This is not an official application and we do not have nothing to do with Instagram. The name and trademark are the property rightholders Instagram!
Thank you for using the app.
Send questions, concerns, feedback, feature requests or anything from the Send feedback option in the app.
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