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FollowMyCal is the social calendar platform that allows you to seamlessly share your events across multiple calendars using only one platform. FollowMyCal allows you to put all of your calendars (Google, Microsoft) in to one central location. Events will no longer get lost in the clutter. Users are able to keep track of their created events and the events that they are invited to attend. Create a calendar for your family, friends, or website. Users are able to quickly view, add, and share events from these calendars with other calendars that they have created or follow.

*You can integrate all of your personal calendars that you use on a daily basis from various platforms on to this platform in a smooth and seamless way. Professional, work, and personal calendars can be quickly placed into one central location.

*After linking all of your calendars to our platform, you can use any calendar that you use daily to view all of your events without having to reopen FollowMyCal.

*You can create private group calendars. For example, you can quickly create a calendar for your family that includes doctor’s appointments, picking up kids from after school activities, etc. and quickly share it with husband/wife, uncle, cousin, parents, or whoever you chose. Only people within the group can see the calendar and add events to it.

*You can quickly create calendars that you can share with the world. Do you have several events that you wish you could share quickly? Create a public calendar and quickly see how many people are following the events that you post. Link these calendars to your website and have users/customers be able to quickly view your calendar, share events with others, and add the events to their personal calendar!

*Discover new calendars and events from across the nation, based off your geographic
location, and based off of your personal interests. Our discover feature is a quick and easy way to nd new calendars and events that interests you. It provides an enjoyable experience by allowing you to quickly add these events to your personal calendars, group calendars, and public calendars in a fast and seamless way.
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