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We made this application with lining a shortcut icon and a picture in a pair as one tile. The Tile is "Big" "Easy to see." "Easy to use." "Friendship." the launcher application I had for my object. Setting and a start of an application are achieved by a tap, a swipe and easy operation of a long tap. 100 of short cut setting is possible. It can also be used as an album.

■ The feature
* "It's big." a short cut can be set as a tile, so "It's easy to see."
* 100 tiles are lined up additionally and it's chosen by scrolling.
* A short cut is established according to the picture, so "It's easy to enjoy."
* In the one which is the stationing type application, CPU and battery impact are a zero.
* A standard basic application is already established by initial condition.
* The person who frequently makes a contact is registered directly, and it's possible to establish "the telephone", "message", "mail" and "FaceTime".
* "Twitter", "FaceBook", "YouTube", "Line" and "Fremap" of the outside application are registered by initial condition.
* When inputting "URL Scheme" of other applications, it's possible to register an application separately.

■ The function
* The application setting function
* The title, background color, icon, text color and the character size setting function
* The picture setting function
* Tile addition function
* The tile movement function

■ Initial condition
* At a home, telephone.
* For my daughter, message
* My wife and FaceTime
* My son and mail
* Youtube.
* User guide is opened by a web.

■ User guide
* When I swipe at a screen to the bottom lengthwise, a tile scrolls in the bottom. (I scroll to the top by a swipe to the top.)
* A tile, a button of "SETTING" and "PHOTO" appears by a swipe to the left.
- "app settings" it can be chosen from the drum roll. "tile names" and "value" change every chosen application.
-When a tap , It's possible to edit "tile names".
- "value"
(1). When choosing a communication application of "the telephone", "mail", "message" and "FaceTime" etc., when a tap is done, and the telephone number or e-mail address is chosen from the next address book button, it's possible to register an address directly.
(2). [A web is opened.], [A secure web is opened.], when choosing, when describing URL, a browser is opened like a bookmark.
(3). When choosing other applications,[ URL scheme] of an application of one is described. Search for itself in an application you like, and please check[ URL scheme] .
- "theme color" background color of an icon is chosen.
- "text color" the color of the character shown to a screen is chosen.
- "text size" the size of the character shown to a screen is chosen.
- " icon " an icon images is chosen.
- "back" without preserving it, it closes.
-A tile identical with the setting contents current as of " add tile" is made additionally in falling plumb down.
- "go" it's preserved and closed.
- "images." a picture is chosen from an album in iPhone.
- "initial images." it's chosen from 20 pictures of the initial condition.
- "back" without preserving it, it closes.
- "go" it's preserved and closed.
* A tile, the shortcut icon is made a picture to cross by a swipe to the right.
* The upper and lower movement can do a tile by long tap.

Operation movie

※※ Advice※※
* This application is the resident type, not a widget application.
* Any applications which are in iPhone you use can't sometimes be cut short. URL Scheme exists, and it's possible to register only the application it's possible to grasp.
* This application corresponds to ver after 9 of iOS.
* Even a standard basic application establishes and doesn't sometimes start a short cut.
* If there are your question, your advice and your request, our site make a contact any time, please.
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