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Play Real-Time Chess games multiplayer or single player. This Chess app includes statistics, ELO ratings, game clocks, Leaderboards, Achievements, volume controls and more...

Multiplayer Chess games in Real-Time using Google+
- Play a game of Chess with friends or other users
- Option to search for opponents based on their ELO rating

Single player Chess games with 10 levels of difficulty
- Play a game of Chess against a custom built chess engine
- Choose from 10 levels of increasing difficulty

- Wins, losses, draws and ELO ratings
- Statistics for 1 player and multiplayer games
- Statistics for white and black games
- Statistics for rated and unrated games
* * Unrated games do NOT affect your ELO rating **

ELO ratings
- New ELO rating calculated after each rated game
- Try to top our "ELO Rating" Leaderboard

7 different Leaderboards
- ELO Rating
- Rated games won and played
- Unrated games won and played
- Multiplayer games won and played
- Top the Leaderboards in your circle of friends or worldwide

Over 70 Achievements
- ELO Rating
- Games won
- Games played
- Types of games won (rated, unrated, single player, multiplayer)
- Types of games played (rated, unrated, single player, multiplayer)

Real-time game clock
- 5, 10, 15 and 30 minute player game clock options
- Game clock chosen by user playing as White
- Auto-match feature uses a 10 minute clock

Volume Controls
- Turn game sounds on or off
- Raise or lower volume
** default setting: ON **

Progress bar instead of "thinking" icon
- The progress bar is more informative than the "thinking" icon
- No endlessly spinning icon
* * only shown on higher levels **

CPU highlights "thinking" move
- Thinking move is highlighted by CPU
- See CPU moves you may have missed
- Helps anticipate next move during CPU think time

Single player games are saved automatically
- Any unfinished single player game is saved when exiting the game
- The previously saved game is restored upon re-entry to game

Undo moves (single player only)
- An undo button is provided in the Action Bar at the top of the screen
- Clicking the undo button undoes your previous move

Option to confirm moves
- An option to confirm your move choice is available in "Settings"
- This option helps prevent accidental moves
** default setting: OFF **

Option to highlight possible moves
- When a piece is selected, this option will highlight its possible moves
- This option can be turned on or off in "Settings"
** default setting: ON **

Option to have a "Check" message displayed
- Displays a pop-up "Check" message
- Useful when sounds are disabled
** default setting: ON **

Option to request a Draw from your opponent
- This option allows users to request a draw from their opponent
- Users may request a Draw after each player has moved 5 times
- Only one request PER turn may be made

Option to concede a multiplayer or single player game
- This option allows users to concede a game
- Available in single and multiplayer games

Leaderboards are updated regularly.

*** Get rated today! ***

If you have any suggestions, requests or problems, contact me:
via e-mail:
via twitter:

I will address any problems A.S.A.P. and I will do my best to accommodate any suggestions or requests you may have.

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