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FreeMind school app has been made with utmost care and our objective has been to keep it simple yet effective. Our vision is to create a self-sustainable health screening system of school going children, enabling them to realize their full potential. Key feature of the app include:

Electronic Health Locker

Electronic records maintained on the progress of the student’s health in cloud through the school years and beyond. SWAP reports will also be uploaded on PHL. Parents can later upload all other medical records/ docs in image format on the same health locker with a easy future access to those data. Medical records will be kept confidential protected by secured password.

Digital Assessment Dashboard

A tool to measure academic progress of students digitally. DAD collects exam scores and performance evaluation results of each subject and creates automated reports and graphs to show a student’s progress on the subject through out his school career. Subjects which need special attention can be easily identified, and necessary actions can be undertaken. As management guru Peter Drucker rightly said, what can be measured can be rapidly improved.

Electronic Attendance Register

EAR maintains attendance record on a regular basis. Guardians have readily available data with minimum lag on the state of attendance of the student. Applications for absenteeism and leaves can also be done online here.

Hidden Talents

We will develop a students profile with all their achievement and accolades which schools may not be aware of. These profile will be accessible by the class teachers and students can be better mentored.


We will arrange a discount on all diagnostic tests done at our partner hospitals. We also send reminders for immunization schedule. There will be a real-time directory of all hospitals and Pediatricians (for Kids & teens) in the city for parents’ easy reference.
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