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"OurCityLove Friendly Restaurant Guide Hsinchu"


For people with disabilities, parents with strollers, senior citizens and their families and friends, it has always been a headache when it comes to finding a friendly restaurant in the city. Our app offers ranking information of some 1000+ friendly restaurants in Hsinchu, including detailed description and clear on-site photos of the restaurants’ entrance, environment, tables, chairs, toilets, parking spaces, braille and assisting services.

The friendly information is collected and evaluated by our 100+ Love Correspondents, who are volunteers with various physical disabilities, such as spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, polio, and those with visual or hearing problems. In cooperation with the Taiwan Handicap Alliance, we recruited and trained these real-life experts in friendly environment and services. Then they use our cloud platform and smart mobile tool to investigate restaurants and to publish their firsthand dining experience in the app.

Most important of all, we saw and continue seeing wonderful changes in our 100+ Love Correspondents. Through recruiting and training, we encouraged and inspired them with new experiences in life and in career. Through their services, “those who need help” dramatically became “those who can help” for the obvious fact that no one knows the needs of the “senior citizens with disabilities” better than they do.

“OurCityLove Friendly Restaurant Guide Hsinchu” is an innovative social ACT rather than merely an APP. It endows the smartphone technology new possibilities of initiating positive citizenship and of the pursuit of happiness in the rapidly aging society. We are currently improving our cloud platform to include more friendly services, such as friendly banks, resorts, hotels and other public facilities. We hope to extend our services to more cities, sooner rather than later.

Prof. Dr. Chong-Wey Lin
OurCityLove Social Enterprise, Taiwan
Digital Creativity and Marketing Strategy Lab
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan




Taipei City Government Taiwan
National Handicap Alliance Taiwan
Association of Smart Living Taiwan
Creative Network Solution Lab Co., Ltd., Taiwan
CRE@TAIWAN, Creative and Revolutionary Educational Alliance, Ministry of Education, Taiwan
Eco-City, the Regional Integration Center of Smart Living Technology, National Science Council, Taiwan
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