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 Frontier Vanguards 1.0.1

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Welcome to the Straind!

In Frontier Vanguards, your task is to guide your Vanguards through various locales of the frontier, battling through the hordes of the wilds. Gain Pigis and increase your Vanguard's power, access more difficult locales, and recruit other Vanguards - each with their own special ability!

How to play:
Select a Vanguard and Locale, then simply drag the Vanguard to a proper starting location and the Vanguard will charge fearlessly through the horde! Each Vanguard has their own special ability that can be activated by touching the screen while the Vanguard is in motion - a well-timed activation of an ability can mean the difference between victory or defeat!

Gain currency (called Pigis) by defeating enemies and use them to rank up the current Vanguard or unlock other more difficult (and more rewarding) locales and even recruit new Vanguards. Try to get the beat your best score on each locale!

● Stella is the initial Vanguard. Her ability "Healing Wind" heals any damage she sustained while providing defense bonus when active.
● Arcturus has the "Twilight Edge" ability. It allows Arcturus to hide and unleash a devastating attack from the shadows.
● Molojovia has the "Indignation" ability. A localized fireball explosion will detonate anywhere at her whim.
● Hetzer has the "Dragon Slayer" ability. After some initial wind up time, Hetzer strikes with his sword with amazing zeal to an area in front of him for bonus damage and rewards.
● Jeangel has the "Wave of Silver" ability. Jeangel can gracefully glide horizontally to strike her enemies. If an enemy is hit, she can continue the maneuver within a few seconds to cause even more damage.
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