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 Frontline Battlefield Secret Agent 1.0

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Action is the best entertainment in the world of FPS (First Person Shooting) games of agents and undercover spy, when we are in crazy mode of playing shooting games. Let’s be ready for playing the game you would never have played before. Such frontline shooting game is Slayer Warrior Frontline Battlefield Secret Agent. It’s a game of a Slayer Warrior who fight for the piece of World in secret missions as an undercover spy in the battlefield standing as frontline solider to combat with enemies.

Slayer Warrior counters its enemies, attacks with thrilling shootout of guns and heavy weapons under the compound of buildings and secret places of the city. The people are under threat of the enemies attack and there is a situation of fear and horror all around the battlefield. Secret missions are being operated for the survival of peace of the city and the strike of the enemy attack.

The secret mission is operated by the Slayer Warrior secret agent alone. This is why he is called the one man army who fight as frontline secret agent in the battlefield to protect the world from the evil enemy’s attack. It has some very difficult missions, where the survival of the player is very difficult as he would face cruel enemy attacks with heavy weapons who are trying to shoot the Slayer Warrior secret agent and make enemies attack on the city. But, he has his plans to escape from the dangerous situation and ruin the enemy forces in Slayer Warrior Frontline Battlefield Secret agent game 2018.
This is a shooting game of 2018 war against the evil enemies who are a danger for the peace of world and the city. There are secret missions and undercover fights for the survival of the piece of the City and protect the threat of enemy attack by counter there plan of action and clear the enemies.

This is a FPS game 2018 where you have different type of weapons with variety of guns to attack on enemy. You can choose either pistols or grenade for long distance attack, sniper for shooting from long distance and sword, knife for the short distance attack. The most important feature is this that you can also fight hand to hand with enemy force. This is very thrilling sniper shooter slayer warrior game 2018. The controls are very smooth and easy to use which are clear on screen. The graphics of the buttons depicts their functionality clearly. They will be used during the shooting of enemies and making aim pose to fire the gun bullets. The bullets of the gun are countless and you can select the weapons from the settings and can change it during the fight.

We believe that this is very thrilling action and crazy shooting game 2018
Let’s download Frontline Battlefield Secret Agent game and enjoy playing the secret missions of war in different type of thrilling environment.

Features of the Game:

 Thrilling environment
 Risky routes of compound
 Multiple type of weapons
 Smooth control
 Real 3D graphics
 Crazy back ground sound
 Outstanding game Play
 Win battlefield mission against terrorist
 Thrilling action FPS game of 2018
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