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 FuelPump 2 (Unreleased)

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Get a list of fuel prices near you. Contribute with your price observations, so others are informed. Get pushmessages when new prices are discovered.

This app is highly dependent on you, please update prices if they are not correct or old (station cards are yellow, red, blue or even gray (if never changed)) !! They are green if prices are less than 12hrs old.

Price text is green when price is good, yellow when ok, or red if bad.

Link to help webpage is now active, but help page is still not completed. Shows information for FuelPump 2 at the moment, and an option to check FuelPunp Free (older version 1), though in Norwegian...

Quick help:

Long tap price text to enter updated price.

Pull down to refresh list or goto overflow menu and click 'Refresh stations'.

Add unregistered stations by clicking '+' in action bar. Follow instructions.
You can also add new station by map: Long tap map where the station is seated, then click the marker to add new station (can take a while before "new Station widget starts", 3-4 seconds).

Notes regarding Alpha and Beta test versions:

Known issues:

Installation in Android 6.0 and above.
We have observed situations where you get a "Screen overlay Detected" or similar error when accepting the terms upon install of FuelPump2. This happens primary on devices equipped with Android 6.0 and above. Please report if so happens with your device. Reply on feedback here and note the Device type and Android version (we need feedback on which android versions and manufacturers where this happens). The error occures when an other app tries to signal it can 'overlay' information over this app, such an apps pushmessages. Try following suggestion to deactivate overlays:
1. Phone Settings->Apps->[Settings icon on top]->Draw over other apps: Deselect all apps with this setting set on.
2. (Optionally: Restart phone)
3. Reinstall FuelPump2
4. Start FuelPump2, confirm permissions.
5. (Message should now have disappeared, if so continue).
6. FuelPump2: Turn on GPS, confirm position reading.
7. FuelPump2: Quit FuelPump2 (Push back-button).
8. Restart FuelPump2, your Pushmessage token is created, and you can receive FuelPump pushmessages.
9. Go to settings mentioned in pt 1. Enable overlays again on apps you trust.

Turning the device into landscape and back to portrait can cause the app to crash:
We are investigating theese situations, it is anyhow most stable in portrait mode. Last attempt to fix several of "landscape bugs" in v2.0.17.1484.

Swiping the list upwards should turn off the GPS refresh mode (GPS icon turns green in toolbar), but somtetimes this cause an app crash. This situatuon has been attempt to be fixed last in version 2.0.12.x and 2.0.14.x.

Few stations, or stations far-far away:
Sadly there are few or no stations in some countries, please add stations not shown, by clicking 'Add Station' in overflow menu. You can also open the map in app menu, zoom in and long tap a known station position and thereafter tap the map marker to open the 'Add station form'.

Are you running a simulator ? This might be the reason why your map won't respond as expected or you might not get pushmessages. Pushmessage tokens may be marked as BLACKLISTED if you are using a phone simulator. This because of regulations within Google FCM system, and sadly beyond our influence. Otherwise its perfectly OK for us if you use a simulator.

During testperiod (alpha and beta release) 1000 nearest users of station which has priceupdates will be notified with pushmessages, regardless of country. Pushmessage management will soon be added.

Thank you for testing this app !!

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