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 Funny Glory and Guts 1.8

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The game Funny Glory and Guts is a crazy schow where quite ordinary people participate in bloody deadly races on all kinds of vehicles in guts. The apparent simplicity of the task of "simply reaching the finish line" is complicated by various dangerous obstacles from hostile people to all circular saws, sharpened peaks, spikes, crossbows, stones and logs, shells and bombs.
In the game Funny guts and glory be prepared that you expect fine physics, more than a dozen units of various vehicles making your terrible arrivals cheerful to the utmost. From the very beginning of the game guts you are expected 100 deadly tracks in 10 unusual locations, where you will be tried to kill or stop, spoiling the final result of passing the race. In addition, each participant in the game guts and glory has the opportunity to create their own unique tracks and share with friends, challenging them.
In addition to the existing characters and vehicles there is a guts and glory the game and a carefree dad on a bicycle with a son in the trunk, there is an Asian family consisting of a papik driver, a mother and a daughter on a subcompact, there is a formidable hubby hunter on the ATV. After updating the guts, the developers added a new character - Larry Walters in the flying chair.
Completely all the actions in Glory and Guts are a continuous bacchanalia, and the situation of the whole game guts is a dismemberment and ways to save some hero from dangerous traps. On the map are placed checkpoints through which you need to pass to finish the level, but we will be prevented: stakes, arrows, blades, guns, explosives and many more traps. Seeing for the first time the game Funny Glory and Guts on one of the channels, I did not even suspect how much it would be bloodthirsty and with all that fun. During the whole Funny guts game, I rolled up laughing with this simply amazing physics, like all characters and transport
A key feature in Glory and Guts is a very high-level graphic component in the game. Raschlenenka and destructibility make this, undoubtedly, a successful project so exciting and fun. The musical accompaniment creates an exceptionally good mood, and the sounds fully accentuate the chaos and fantastic fun in the guts and glory the game.
Very well traced every key detail of an individual hero, notably highlighting how much the development team paid attention to this issue. A nice bonus adds Funny Glory and Guts to the game itself to fill and build the entire game, executing it through a simple level editor. Actually, the developers laid their hopes on this, because Guts and Glory had a similar system, which made the game extremely popular with many famous YouTube players.
I think that you should play this wonderful game Guts and Glory, leaving in the memories only a lot of positive emotions. Download Funny Glory and Guts on android.
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