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 Futuristic Flying Bus Shooting 1.0

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In Futuristic Flying Bus Shooting Fly high above the sky with your shooting, racing and flying 3 in 1 action simulation game, 3d graphics with awesome gameplay of shooting the extreme stunt performing futuristic car-s in the air as well as on the road , will give you a unique new experience of killing and destruction by the futuristic flying bus which is blood hungry enough to destroy anything which comes in its way , in the start of each mission the player will be assigned the objectives which need to be completed before the timer expires , the objectives are to destroy some futuristic cars flying in the air in the futuristic surrounding controlled by pilot driver and some dragging on the road and to pass through the circles in the air these are fire rings kept in different places in the environment the player need to pass through them and to complete the mission objectives in the given time and park the crazy speed BUS on the given flying Bus parking location before the time runs out. This futuristic flying bus shooting game is available on google play and is totally free to download, so play the best flying car games and fly in the air you are a Bus simulator fighter hero, perform deadly stunts in the air and dodge the sight of the enemy fast cars racers .
The environment of the soccer bus simulator game is based on a beautiful big city around the island of lovely flying cars and flying busses all around the beach racing environment and the player will need to avoid there shooting and dodge their attacks and destroy them, in few missions there are big offroad legends monster truck-s with a lot of health and good ultimate flying speed they are modern car driver-s whom cannot be followed easily and monster truck can shoot back to us, it’s not easy to destroy it.
The fighting flying monster truck shooters can tear u apart if you will enter their territory so look for them in the air and use the ultimate nitro boosts kept in the environment which increases the players bus speed and make a flaming blue circle around the bus and give it a fast movement speed with furious animation this speed can be used to reach the distant places quickly and to follow the truck or flying vehicles easily and to pass the burning circles kept in a sequence around the city.
There are different kind of missions in some of them the player can even race with the opponent on the road like a drag race or in the air in which the player can use boosts and to reach the finish line before the opponent do, the opponent speed drive racer is fast and makes very less mistakes, so fasten your seatbelt and keep driving like a jet fighter and engage the enemy in a race and battle in a way that it finds it a challenge to battle with the flying hero like you.
Game features:
1) 4 in 1 action game with realistic shooting, parking, flying, racing controls.
2) Very smooth Bus controls.
3) No Wi-Fi no problem offline gameplay
4) Complete 3d environment with beautiful graphics and animations.
5) NPC traffic and best car and bus flying models.
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