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 Gangster of High School Student– Bullys Game Fight 1.0

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Gangster of High School Student a.k.a. Zach & security guards duty!

High school sweetheart needs to be saved from bullying guys. This bullying is a Love story of an evil minded boy creating mafia hustle & girls simulator. Hit girlfriends who ditched you & start war in city school crime. So in this dual mode game, battle against bullying as a security guard. Make this educational game an epic fun by giving physical punishment to bully boy. In this house party, stop bad kid from & be a bully boy who creates fuss for angry teachers.. and also lovebirds .. i.e. boyfriends and girlfriends .. yes mess up with highschool romance. With no city nights in winter holidays 2017 .. be real gangster of town with school crime to practice. Be head of student gang wings & create mafia hustle with mysterious things in line. Start getting over it & live a new fun life.

As security Guard .. be bullying warrior & head of frontline security authorities in American High School. Stop fiasco of children of grand mafia who are destroying each others super cars as well in parking lots. Win fighting missions in shadow missions. Listen to angry teachers who are fed up of street warriors & stop escape revenge mission. Stop gang fighting in football stadiums or gymnasium .. little kids as high school revenge may enrage bigger disasters with outer city gang mafias. Also do not let highschool student to steal examination paper before winter holidays 2017.

high school revenge game is a fast dodge to steal exam papers, homeworks and assignment submissions.

Little kids!Throw away yummy birthday cake & Hit the ex-boyfriends who just shows up after break up ..and is going to tease your friend. Yes hit jack for destroying romantic love story. Secret manner of mafiosos & stealing of lunch boxes has started. Be jealous of heros students as handsome legends .. and win battle. In this open world game. Find ways to lockers by hiding away from highschools proctors & find way to nerds lockers to steal homework in this kids games. Practice shooting skills in this bullys game as Zach throws paper ball toss, apples & other fruits in library. Yes! Tease librarians and hit paper balls toss on angry teachers with this evil minded player. Water Tanks simulator .. present on rooftops are also to be contaminated with hospital medicine to make kids in educational system be sick. Halt university dating by interrupting Jimmy with his girlfriend... our girls simulator.

Be creepy bully gangster of this neighborhood schooling game with new high school year .. starting on with survival missions in this fun addictive game. Save anna your school love in this game though she is a karate supergirl. Super kids , Be a black belt with bullies having different bullies. Practice parkour skills in Gangster of High School .. Create fuss in city campus with stealth missions . perform crazy actions in teen’s school & ruining annual ceremony of karate tournaments. Control temper .. be cunning with master gangster bully. Look out for evil karma before ruining love story as high school dropout & bullie around in high school simulator.

Little kids! Its time to learn some lessons with city school crime to end up. Learn what can happen with you in new sophomore years of educational system & learn to fight back only with Gangster of High School Student & security services game for kids & toddlers.
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