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GBMudra is India's leading bitcoin and crypto exchange. It is the fastest and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins in India and also invest for a lucrative financial future. We guarantee fast transaction processing and the best bitcoin rates.

We are also working on a range of products that will facilitate in making bitcoin transactions more user friendly and ubiquitous.

By partnering with us you can look forward to an exciting, fun-filled future which will give you the ability to enjoy financial independence and explore your creative side or explore those new projects that you always wanted to work on.

We are proud & privileged about offering you the first and one-of-a-kind crypto bank in the entire world. The following reasons outline why :

We adhere to the highest levels of privacy & security to ensure that your money stays with you under any circumstance. As in any new emerging technology there is always a threat of computer jocks (or hackers, as we literally call them) seeing a possibility of filling their pockets with your money. Nah! not possible with us. We have enforced the most stringent system in place to protect against hackers of today and we continually keep are systems ahead to protect from the new ones of tomorrow. So you can now store your money safe & sound and rest assured it is in as safe hands as it could possibly be.

Your privacy is dear to us & our partner sites and we promise you, no matter what forces come to lure us into sharing your data, we will not. Period! Your data with us is as secure as it is with you and sharing will be done only upon an initiation or consent from you, not otherwise. Again, all security is in place to hold the integrity of your identity within our platform.

While you may loan your money in a bank for a negligible rate of interest, here you can avail of attractive rates upto 5% p.m. or 60% per annum. Though, at the same time we do not assure you of a constant rate considering the volatility of the crypto world. Yet, an expectation of 3-5% per month on your investments is not a sin and is something you can definitely look forward to. Our historical rates hover in the range of 4%.

Here you have the ability Send & Receive money to & from your family and friends with just a simple, intuitive navigation while we ensure there is no cost in doing so. We are proud to be ahead of any leading bank in offering you the convenience of no-cost, instant clearing, no-limit transactions to your people on the same platform.

We want to make you happy and also rely on you to spread the joy of our offering to your friends and family. Spread the word and earn rewards when you do so. You can get to know more about it on our blog section.

Blockchain & Crypto currency is the next big thing in the global market. Not only is it a fantastic technology, and experts claim it to be the next big thing after the internet, but it is going to change the way we see value in each and everything around us. At the same time, it acts as a commodity with a volatility where there is money to be made. We want to drive as much money to your hands and raise the standards of ordinary Indians - bring wealth & prosperity to you. All this with a attitude of sharing & caring which you experience when you come on board with us.

We are not done yet because you may have had enough, but there is still a lot more on offer which you can read about in our blogs section.
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