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Gimball is a new mobile 3D Puzzle Platforming game presented by Västgöta-Data from Sweden. Roll around in the various locations in the lost isles of Gimball, where you will have to use your wits and brain to carefully plan your approach to complete the maps!

Packed with content that both fans of the puzzle genre and newcomers alike will be able to enjoy.

Use your phone as a tipping board to make Gimball roll; calibration is performed automatically with each level start so just sit back comfortably and relax.

The main goal of Gimball is to capture all the flags in order, going from 1 to 2 to 3, and so on, with the last being a goal-flag.

In-game gold is used to unlock levels, you get gold from daily goals and various other rewards.

Each map has side goals you can achieve while rolling for the flags, which will reward more gold.
• Achieve star "Rapid baller": complete the map within a certain time.
• Achieve star "Treasure hunter": collect all Gems.
• Achieve star "Last ball rolling": be the last ball alive.

You can also recieve bonus gold for completing many different achievements, for instance finishing maps for the first time, finishing levels each day, collecting experience points to level up, and so on.

The gold is then used to purchase various ball-skins, unlock new maps and upgrade your level.

Every level you unlock with gold is different depending on the map, same with the ball skins.

There are 3 balls to choose from which includes:
• Iron Ball, which increases your weight and makes knocking enemies down easier.
• Gold Ball, an even heavier ball than the iron ball. Makes knocking enemies down even easier.
• 8-Ball, comes with an mysterious power that let's you maneveur in the air.

You can complete the game without any in-game app-purchases; you'll just have to work harder for it!
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