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 Girls Wrestling Revolution Stars: Women Fighting 1.0.1


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Crowed is shouting and waiting for their favorite women wrestling warriors. Let’s enjoy the tournament of women wrestling and fight with your favorite superstar girls and enjoy the fighting simulation of all women characters. Fight with opponent girls wrestlers and enjoy fighting with their set of skills. World wrestling champion’s combines with action fights & real experience of girls tag team wrestling simulation in one single 3d game. Upgrade your wrestler strength to enjoy the professional women tag team wrestling experience with unlimited fun. Knockout will increase the power, intensity, and excitement of royal girls tag team wrestling fighting. Win the battle of ultimate incredible match in world champion’s tournament. Defeat them and become powerful victorious in women wrestling revolution 2017. Different female characters from different countries of the world with different combat styles and different skill sets make this world wrestling championship revolutionary.

Fight using a variety of revolutionary tricks such as pins to gain, joint locks, close fighting, throws and take downs. Some women tag team wrestlers might be stronger than they look, so train yourself as a professional wrestler to prove your strength as real girls tag team wrestling champion. Girls wrestling revolution stars women fighting & real kick fighting will give you access to all superstar wrestlers & women tag team fights in all events of world wrestling championship with hd quality game play. In girls wrestling revolution game, all of the stars from different cities and states of the world have come to this championship to claim the world revolutionary wrestling champion title. They will fight, they will bleed, and they will break your player bones to knock you out. Use amazing powers to take out extra health of your rival. Use special skills and bonus power takedowns to take out large bar of health from your opponents.

Select women wrestlers with different fighting styles like Muay Thai, kung Fu, mix martial arts, karate and taekwondo. Move quickly in the ring like legend boxer and dodge your rival with your quick left, right sudden robust punch attack and wrestling combos in this girls wrestling revolution game. No wonder some woman fighters might be stronger than they look so train yourself with real Freestyle Street fighting, boxing punches or flying kicks. Welcome to the women wrestling ring battle where the most lethal girls wrestler to become the ring queen. Most awaited worldwide women wrestling championship is here. In 2017, play the most unique and updated girls wrestling ring battle in the most amazing championship quest. Get ready to jump, kick, punch and perform some of the most amazing combo attacks on the rival women champions.

Women wrestling revolution 2017 has the most amazing controls and very powerful fighting simulator. Help your female fighter become the queen of the ring in girls wrestling revolution 2017. Girls wrestling revolution stars & women fighting match have level and knockout modes. Play like death matches with super star girl’s wrestlers and boxers and do practice for world wrestling championship and knockouts games.

Girls Wrestling Revolution Stars: Women Fighting Game Features:

• Fight With 4 Women Wrestlers in Endless Fighting Challenges.
• Super Stars & Ultimate Wrestling Champion’s Knockouts Fights.
• Heavy Weight Girls Champions Battle Against World Fighters
• Universal Superstars Women Tag Team Wrestling Champion’s Tournament
• Genuine Opponent Engagements and Realistic Punch & Kick Boxing Motions
• Face Different Wrestling & Kick Boxing Rivals with Pro Fighting Techniques
• Ultimate World Action Packed Tag Team Wrestling & Kick Boxing Fighting Game
• 3d Animations and Realistic Quality Sound Heat the Blood
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