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 GNSS Commander - GPS status

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Connect your external GPS device by USB or bluetooth. Route the GPS position as mock location provider to any navigation app on your phone or tablet.
Show GPS status data like position, height, accuracy, satellites, velocity, etc.
You can forward RTK correction data to your high accuracy external device. RTCM data is loaded from the internet by the internal NTRIP client.

The app ist completely free with the exception of the NTRIP-RTCM feature. If you want to forward RTK data from your data provider (e.g. land surveying office) to the external GPS antenna, please license the app. You can fully test the NTRIP feature in advance within the 30 days trial period. You can view received RTCM message-types and coordinate-projection-parameters of the RTK data on the RTCM monitor page.

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GNSS Commander currently supports devices from vendors:
• Bluetooth - all devices providing SPP profile (LNS profile is planned)
• USB - FTDI chipset
• USB - Silicon Labs chipset
• USB - Prolific chipset (e.g. PL2303)
• USB - u-blox chipset (e.g. VK172)

USB connection successfully testet for receivers:
ppm 10xx (FTDI), Navilock, Prolific PL2303, ublox neo-6p, ublox 7, ublox 8, VK 172

High baudrates up to 115200 are supported for all listed USB vendors.
The GNSS Commander can transform WGS84 coordinates into a local coordinate system like "Gauß-Krueger" for germany. Additionally you can set a fixed offset to the transformation for further improvement of the calculated local coordinate. If you allow mock locations in the developer options of your android device you can use the position of the external receiver in any application. The preferred way to process the external GPS position in other apps without using "mock locations" is implementing a simple ContentObserver. You can even get the transformed local coordinate and additional informations about the GPS status by using the app as content-provider.

By activating the "mocking" feature (get the position of your external GPS antenna into android) you can use this app for any other navigation-app or for geo-tagging.

Free features
+ GPS Status
+ Satellite list & Sky-Plot with subsystems like Glonass or Galileo
+ Coordinate-Transformation into local coordinate system
+ Mock location provider (e.g. use your external device for navigation)
+ Log all received NMEA data

You need a license for
+ RTK correction data over internet (NTRIP client)
+ Android "content provider" feature to access all status data
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