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Darshan is the app where you will find everything about almost all the Hindu deities. The aartis, shloks, mantras, puja vidhi, names, images etc.

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brahma darshan
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datta darshan
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durga mata
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kalka mata
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Kartrikey kahani
Kartrikey mantra
Kartrikey name

narsinh aarti
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radha mata
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sai baba
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satyanarayan katha
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shani dev
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surya dev
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Buddha mantra
Buddha anmol vachan
Buddha dharm siksha
Buddha kahani

The app helps you in many ways…You will be free from handling a book everywhere.furthermore, you will get all the required information in an app and will get rid of finding it elsewhere.
Once installed the app needs no internet connection.

This application is in continuous development and we will add more collection list in future.

Daily Darshan of Gods.
In this Application you can see Latest Information of God in different location.
you can also browse it by date and place.
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