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Do you wish to know the secrets of the rich men?
Did you overdraw your bank account again?
Do you often feel you don’t have enough money and that you came to a dead end?
Not anymore! Read all the chapters in this book and learn how to generate PASSIVE INCOME and more money.

Instead of working those endless overtime hours at your job, instead of taking on bank loans, instead of trying to win the lottery, I recommend wholeheartedly to read this book. Because it will teach you how to make PASSIVE INCOME, and not less importantly, in a to-the-point and concise manner.

The Gold Book does not contain any lengthy chapters that last till kingdom come. The book tackles the problem of PASSIVE INCOME in a focused manner and gives you advises, tips and tricks on how to generate businesses and assets that will yield wealth fast for you.

Did you know for instance that it is possible to develop an application even if you do not have any programming knowledge?
Did you know that there are coins and bills hiding in your wallet that you did not even know about?
This is your chance to learn how this is possible and how you too will make money with ease.

I am in my early 30’s, a simple guy from Europe who became the single provider of his household following a financial crisis that struck my family. My father was laid off a few years before retirement, my mother came down with cancer and underwent treatments which left her with severe disability. Both of them dropped out of the labor market and the entire monetary and financial burden fell on my shoulders.

From this low I was able to grow and stand tall. I learned how to count money, how to accumulate money and how to duplicate and triple it. I want you to read this book so you can learn just like I did how to stand strong on your own feet and generate PASSIVE INCOME. I want you to have the independence and financial freedom like the one I am enjoying today.

I am the owner of several businesses which I started from scratch with my own hands in my country. My businesses allow me to sustain financially and beyond it. I do not need to work and I do not owe anyone a thing. I am not a salaried employee and I will also not work as one in my life again.

I would like you to have the ability to fire your boss and say goodbye to terms such as contract work, work rate or attendance card. So that you can say goodbye to your bank adviser and branch manager and all the bad things that accompany shortage of money and financial need.

Creating PASSIVE INCOME is not an easy task, but with the help of my Gold Book you will get tools, understanding and knowledge gained from my experience that will serve you a lot.

You will need to want in all honesty to have PASSIVE INCOME, you will need to understand in depth what PASSIVE INCOME is all about and you will need guidance and direction on how to generate PASSIVE INCOME. It will require a lot of courage from you, willpower and determination. Conversely, you will be able to read all the chapters in my book in less than one day, yes less than one day!

PASSIVE INCOME will protect you against being laid off, it will protect you when you need money after an accident or god forbid a tragedy, and it will afford you convenient and lavish lifestyle. Money is convenience, protection and yes, it is also part of your happiness.

I dedicate this entire book to my parents who found themselves in a tough crisis at an advanced age and had to undergo a rough and humiliating period in their lives.

So, go on, install this app and start making PASSIVE INCOME.

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