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Our app is a solution to finding lost jewelry and metallic objects. Do you struggle with misplacing your rings and bracelets in your sofa, or car? Our Gold metal detector will find your things for you.

For this gold finder to work you need to have magnetometer sensor in your phone. You can check for your phone’s specs to find out if your phone have got the sensor or not. This gold metal detector detects gold and metal from almost 12cm away.

Features of Gold Metal Detector:
- Gold Detector
- Metal Detector
- Jewelry detector
- Lost object detector
- Gold Finder
- Electric Wires detector
- Alarm on detection

Works on ferromagnetic materials like iron, steel, nickel and cobalt. The readings above 60 micro Tesla means that there is a metal or gold around.

Just move your phone with gold metal detector open in it, when it will find any ferromagnetic material or gold it will beep an alarm.

The readings of Gold Finder may vary depending on environment and device capability. So make sure you shake your phone gently before using to calibrate the device sensor.

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