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Gomoku, Gobang or Five in a Row is a simple board game, it is usually played with Go pieces on a Go board with 19x19 intersections. The rule of this game is very simple (well, actually the current official Gomoku rule is not simple), two players place piece on an empty intersection in turn, the winner is the first player who gets five pieces in a row (next to each other) horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

There are two modes in this Gomoku app, one is to play with AI, the other is to play with nearby peers.

When playing with AI, there are three levels, from easy to hard. Please be advised that AI may take long time to find next move if the level is the hardest and your device is pretty old.

Thanks for the WIFI direct, which enables us to play with peers nearby provided this Gomoku app is installed on both your and peers' mobile device and both devices support WIFI direct. If both of you are searching peers at the same time, this Gomoku app will list the found peers, please select any peer you like to play with, the game will start between you and the selected peer.

In theoretically, WIFI direct devices extend their signal up to 100 meters, but apparently if there are any interfering obstacles between you and peers, the distance will drop significantly.

As I mentioned before, because the official Gomoku rule is not simple, therefore it is not supported in the current version of Gomoku app, but please feel free to contact us at support@cloudus.xyz if you'd like to have this Gomoku app supported the official rules, or have any issue and/or feedback about this Gomoku app.

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