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Goose is a popular animal to eat eggs. Or for food There is a goose, a goose, a goose, a goose, a very unique voice, a very loud noise. When it is thought to be a threat, it will sound loud to chase or chase away.

The gooseberry app has included the most geese sound so that you can use it to bring up the sound of the goose no more or less. The app is very easy to use. It's even possible to make a screen saver.

Geese (Goose, Gander) are classified in the arthropods of the poultry. Or weed in the garden And to feed it for food.

Goose is a large bird in the family Anatidae, the same species as ducks, swans and different species of goose. Goose is similar to the swan. But the swan is bigger and more prominent in males. When it reaches puberty, it has a hard knuckle or a protruding nostril before reaching the upper beak. Noticeable

Goose is divided into 3 genera (see table), but in Thailand, the current commercial goose breed is Anser anser and Gray Goose. A. cygnoides)

Goose is a popular animal as an economic animal. With a big Have a lot of meat Popularly cooked in various dishes such as legs, geese, baked clay pot with noodles in Chinese food. And the Chinese believe. If you pay homage to the goose will result in the children to get a good progress.
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