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 Grainstorm 1.4.2

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Grainstorm is a Sampler / Synthesizer with Phase Vocoder and Crossynthesis functionality based on Granular Synthesis.

It can be used as/for:
- Sound design
- A standalone experimental musical instrument
- Fun.

- Internal 32-bit processing
- Four audio tracks
- Infinite options to shape the grain. (Wavelet synthesis)
- 3 LFOs on each track
- Some effects like Reverb, Dynamics Compression and filters on each track
- Crossynthesis: Filtering the signal of a track by the signal of another track on a per grain basis in the spectral/cepstral domain by different algorithms.
- Phase adjustment and some phase vocoder effects.
- Source files of up to seven minutes length in many different audio formats supported.

First use instructions:
1. Upper right power button turns on audio engine which is turned off on startup to save battery.
2. Record something by pressing microphonebutton or load an audio file by pressing the ejectbutton.
3. Move marker on the right side of the waveform to determine playbackposition.
4. Press playbutton. Should playback sound in original form.
5. Enter settings by pressing the left sidepanel. Play around with grainsize, density, playbackspeed and randomoffset.

- Short double click on knobs for saved/default values.
- Short double click on waveform for loop bounce.
- Waveform zoom with two fingers.

Further instructions can be found in the menu under "About".

Hardware recommendations:
A more or less fast and modern device with multiple cpu cores as it's multithreaded and 2gb+ of ram is recommended. If your devices has what Google calls a fast audio path, which is hardware optimized for low latency audio, Grainstorm will use and benefit from it.
It is is not recommended for low budget devices.

Developer Contact: (English, German and Spanish)
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