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 Grand Street Girls Real Fighting Club Revolution 1.8

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Girls Fighting Street Boxing is amazing 3rd person street boxing game in the ruined city, lets the fight with other kings of the street fighting princess. Fighting Furious Action is the mafia invasion turning the city upside down, gangs are brawling, powerful entities crashing and clashing with each other. Make their drug deals unsuccessful, be the best fighter and ruin their evil plans. Mafia rush godfather Killing legends, attempting dangerous attacks, murderer pecks are the routine activities of every dark evening in the city. Transport the fortress of the crime and evil into a peaceful city by breaking off every scum's neck. Grand Street Girls Real Fighting Club Revolution is the disturbance in the gang's acts of revenge against each other; this is a great cause to prevent the crime from happening. After the police failing to capture all the bad guys, through a thrilling adventure, ferocious mom will take the whole hell party down to the ground. Face the bad guys in the streets, narrow unpaved reeking of crime streets. End them in their territory, getting out drunk from pubs, brawling aimlessly; Grand Street Girls Real Fighting Club Revolution features the villains who are the lowest of the breeds on this planet. Tao’s Hoodlum Street warriors had it coming, when you make the life of common people miserable, someone always reacts. Grand Street Girls Real Fighting Club Revolution is full of convicts who do not anything else than bullying, crime and ill-living. Kick fighting and punching criminals in the throat has never been old.

The future wrestling game that will decide the world defender inside ring wrestling where wrestling superstar women fighter will indulge in incredible fighting in an ultimate star wrestling tournament. The fighter women are all set for incredible wrestling fight inside the boxing ring to win star wrestling championship. Let’s get ready to show star wrestling & fighting moves as future wrestling boxer star and bring the anger of street brawl out inside the ring wrestling. Exhibit lethal striking techniques inside wrestling ring and battle bravely in karate style with hard kicks and boxing punches. Excite the crowd with high jumping, quick moves, fighting tricks, and incredible gymnastics. It’s time to feel proud by winning this world wrestling tournament and become star wrestling champion in future wrestling & fighting arena. If you want to become master of street gangsters you must win all levels and beat the rivals, rivals are very strong gangster girls with the perfect body for smash kicks.

Real Street Boxing is the best free fighting game on the Google Play, with jaw-dropping graphics, a full-blown career for your freestyle Boxing, intuitive controls. Get off your boxing gloves on and box like there’s no tomorrow! Grand Street Girls Real Fighting Club Revolution has Level and knockout Modes. In Level, modes play death matches with superstar women wrestlers and boxers and do practice for world wrestling championship and knockouts games. Select wrestlers with different fighting styles like Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Mix Martial Arts, Karate, and Taekwondo. Move quickly in the ring like legend boxer and dodge your rival with your quick left, right sudden robust punch attack and wrestling combos in this wrestling revolution game. No wonder some woman fighters might be stronger than they look so train yourself with real freestyle street fighting, boxing punches or even gymnastic dodging and jumping art of fighting to be a universal champion of wrestling fight federation.

Grand Street Girls Real Fighting Club Revolution features
• Street Girls Real Fighting Revolution features
• Multiple combat styles including punch, kick, mega attack, combo etc
• Block the enemy attack with the block button
• Epic battle between street gangsters and the furious girl
• Martial Arts and kung fu moves
• Hordes of enemies attacking at once.
• 8+ Girl Characters to Fight With
Spider Hero Man waiting outside for fight.
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