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 Grand Superhero Flying Panther City Rescue Mission 1.1


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Be ready for Grand Superhero Flying Panther City Rescue mission game?

Here we are with latest version of superhero for you where you are not only superhero but you are panther superhero with lots of energy and futuristic technology. Some thug’s mafia, bad guys and gangster mafia have attacked on futuristic city of New York and they are increasing crime rate day by day to spread the fear in innocent civilians of New York City. The bad guys and mafia gangsters are using instant killing sniper shooting and doing robbery in banks, shops and houses of mad city. US army and dolphin police are busy in operation of president security so they are unable to do anything against such gangsters. In this situation use your well developed hero fighting panther abilities to safe the NY city in Grand Superhero Flying Panther City Rescue mission 2017. Defeat gangsters as eminent panther superhero and utilize your instant killing gangster sniper shooting skills and highly skilled super hero or well known flying panther exceptional abilities of super hero to eradicate all city lords mafia and successfully accomplish crime city rescue mission 2017. Wisely utilize your super flying panther hero special moves like kicking, jumping and super power moves. Make a perfect plan to defeat your opponent to become fantastic panther hero in superhero flying grand panther city rescue mission. This superhero flying panther grand city rescue mission game not only provides you the satisfaction of becoming a super panther hero or fantastic superhero with amazing skills but also allows you to enter the futuristic battle to take down all enemies like eminent strange hero and more. So hurry up download this game and start panther hero and mafia gangsters epic battle.

Hurry up help the futuristic New York City from all bad enemies
Rise up your flying panther and super master mind skills to fight with all new York city mafia and to accomplish crime city rescue mission for future. In this bad situation only you as Panther super hero with amazing flying, kicking and futuristic fighting skills can save the innocent people and city from enemies. The New York City was very peaceful city but bad guys made it city of gangsters so clean sweep all the crime from city and make it a part of peace in the world again. Take control of gangster location and start panther operation in Grand Superhero Flying Panther City Rescue mission. Become a New York panther superhero and fly around battlefield for saving people lives. Use your futuristic designed metal arms to rescue city people from bad time. The terrorist, city mafia, robbers and gangster will device different ways to sabotage the panther superhero move. To add to trouble, terrorists can plant bomb in cars, attack the shops or banks. Panther super hero is specially designed to fight in such situation so use your all skills, powers and abilities to save the beautiful city.

This game is ideally designed for futuristic games and survival games lovers. The people of the survival city are suffering from mad city mafia and highly spread superhero street fighters who have joined the hand with city mafia lords and more. As a prominent avenger hero or eminent strange hero chosen from superheroes have decided to answer innocent people call and join hero city battle mission. In this superhero game or highly engaging hero game, you have to take down all enemies
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