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 🔫Grand Vegas City Gangster 3D 3.5.2

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🔫Grand Vegas City Gangster 3D Simulator is open world free play game. The user will be playing the lead role of the game where the user has to perform various missions to gain the control of the city. The user is a struggling character within the city as the user has to join the mafia gang and gain the confidence to make the mark in the city. Crime city police is not easy to be manipulated or dodged so the user needs extra driving skills.

In various gang fights and mob fights the user has to be extra smart and efficient with the guns and other other weapons like:

🔫 Guns.
🔫 Pistols.
🔫 Revolver.
🔫 Sniper.
🔫 Life saver Jacket or vest.
🔫 Armor.
🔫 Bazooka.
🔫 Rocket Launcher.
🔫 Missile Launcher and variety of other advanced weapons.

The whole city is yours take all the criminal gangs out like yakuza, cartels, mafia, haiti gang and various other dangerous gangs. The user will start from nothing and as the story proceeds the user will eventually become the crime lord of the city as the user will defeat all opponents one by one.

Users have to perform variety of missions:

🔫 Gang fights.
🔫 Territory claim.
🔫 Drug turf mission.
🔫 Cop missions.
🔫 Car racing mission.
🔫 Bomb plantation.
🔫 Shooting mission.
🔫 Spy and surveillance missions.
🔫 Assassination mission.
🔫 Robbery and thievery missions.
🔫 Ransom and protection money missions.

Following are some exciting features of the game

💣 High Definition (HD) Display
💣 Strong Characterization and great storyline.
💣 Vast and open world metropolis city
💣 Realistic graphics with real life objects.
💣 Speech bubbles guidelines and animations
💣 Crime city Sound effects (SFX)
💣 Specialized crime Visual Effects (VFX)
💣 Variety of challenging missions.
💣 Free Play game mode.
💣 City designed from famous crime city like mexico, Tokyo, Las Vegas and Los Angles.
💣 Both weapon fight and on hand fight.
💣 Car theft missions.
💣 Detailed controller
💣 Super fast processing with maximum FPS.
💣 Advanced and realistic weaponry.
💣 Gang fights, mob fights and gun fights.
💣 Specially designed and integrated physics engine.
💣 Steel the vehicles and drive fast.
💣 Car garage to keep the cars.
💣 Car repair and overhaul with paint job.
💣 Artificially intelligent city traffic.
💣 Super fast bikes.
💣 Supersonic racing cars with turbo boost & nitro boost to gain speed.

You have to put up your guiltiness city empire within the City of Angels. Complete missions rewards, cars, bikes and military vehicles. The best guns and ammo, demolish the whole town on a tank or car. You just got out of San Andreas country prison. Real racing through streets, and shooting Real & awesome gun down other gangs. You can do two things struggle to make living or you can start playing in the criminal underworld. Gangs from San Andreas have took control of the city causing a new crime wave of killings, stealing and ruling the city. Do not get arrest for shooting and killing gangster city rivals. Miami city is left to rot in hell of gang crimes and street fights based on vendetta. It is Combination of all games like real fighting,real running,real racing,real action, real adventure,real terrorist game, stunt,real mission,real shooting games.
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