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 Guide for Bomber Crew - Fighter Ace 1.3

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** Guide for Bomber Crew - Fighter Ace : this app is Guide for Bomber Crew - Fighter Ace

The mechanics of the game is thus more about the management of his team in the plane. You can change the location characters to cure them if necessary or to adapt to situations. For example the engineer can go to repair the damage suffered by the plane, including by moving on the wings to repair a burning engine, which I find aberrant. Guide for Bomber Crew - Fighter Ace Another example is the "front firing post" position, which consists of two positions: one for armed fire and the other for targeting on the ground. This mechanics does not necessarily aim at absolute realism, even if the death of a character proves to be final. So be careful of them before it's too late. Guide for Bomber Crew - Fighter Ace And if it ever happens, you'll just have to recruit a new character who will have to make progress from the beginning to catch up with others.The game is organized around the Guide for Bomber Crew - Fighter Ace management of a team controlling a bomber and having to carry out different missions to progress. Each controlled character has its own characteristics: life bar, role, level and statistics. Thus, we will have a team composed of a pilot, an engineer, a radio operator, a cartographer and three other military specialists in Guide for Bomber Crew - Fighter Ace armaments. Everyone will therefore have a privileged role even if it is possible to put the engineer at a shooting station, knowing that it will be less effective here. After choosing his crew and parameters, mainly visual, his mission aircraft can begin
As it takes damage, its structural integrity may be weakened and the airplane can no longer bear to fly or ensure the survival of its passengers. For example, objects may fall out of the airplane if the hull has been pierced too much, or its damaged engine could catch fire.
Finally, when the bombing mission was accomplished, a secondary objective in the presence of a boss appeared. Two tactics were offered, the escape or the fight. The first is the safest since it ensures the realization of the mission. Guide for Bomber Crew - Fighter Ace The boss being confined to a certain zone, it is enough to leave it to return in complete safety. The second is more dangerous and it might be wise to avoid it if you have already taken too much damage. It is still more interesting, because eliminating the boss will bring more experience, allowing a faster evolution of the characters.
Concerning the realization of the mission, I expected turn-based and I was pleasantly surprised to see strategy in real time. Give an order and it will be executed instantly. For example, to target an enemy, you must click on a circle that represents the enemy. In doing so he is identified as an opponent to be knocked down and will be automatically targeted by the characters on the turrets. But what happens if we are shot? Another surprise, our plane does not have a life bar, unlike our opponents. Its structural integrity is calculated on the basis of damages received. For example, if firing comes into contact with the airplane's lining, it will be pierced.

Guide for Bomber Crew - Fighter Ace : You may find some information useful here. This is a perfect for beginner and intermediate player. This app you can feel best experience for playing in game.
note Please - This is not a game !! It's Guide for Bomber Crew - Fighter Ace
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