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■Do you want "like"? …Do you really?
They talk of "instagrammable", don’t they?
But is what you want such pictures?
You do want "like", don’t you?
But is what you really want the number of likes?
That’s defined as "need for self-esteem".
But --- do you need it? Really?
You daily struggle your way.
You daily have a lot of problems. Where isn’t what you really need "the peace of mind"?

■We’ve never seen something like this! "Gurumie".
"Gurumie" is an application for you to live with your secret, or hoarded stuffed toy.
Don’t you keep your stuffed toy secret?
There are many who do in the world.
Are you one of them? But. Such secretive you should be extremely kind at heart.
With that kindness and a bit of time of yours, wouldn’t you love to receive the words of healing?
---Through your stuffed toy.
And… won’t you receive? The healing words your stuffed toy utters towards you.

■Let us get the words we want indeed.
"Gurumie" will give you a humble present as words to you who are exhausted with your daily life.
But these are not just simple words.
The "healing words" you’ve longed for will be conveyed, and that by your stuffed toy, to you.
Your cherished stuffed toy will send you the words you’ve truly hoped for.
You’ll for sure feel satisfied.

■About Gurumie.
"Gurumie" is a service sent to and for stuffed-toy lovers.
"Gurumie" has following functions:
# Publication of / reference to the picture of your own stuffed toy ("stuff pic")
# Keeping a public / non-public diary with texts such as lines attached to pictures
# Other users applying lines to your pictures
# Reference to other users’ pictures of their stuffed toy (stuff pic)

■Main functions.

To have other users come up with words you want for you to receive.
This is the basic of "Gurumie".
Here, when you receive them, the effect will be as if "your stuffed toy" were speaking.
As if you were to receive as words from your sympathizer (stuffed toy).

You can watch the pictures of everybody else’s cherished stuffed toys.
In recent days, we can even observe travel companies specialized in stuffed toys with the opportunities to enjoy the pictures of toyed stuff on the increase.
But the reality is that such companies have to physically send out stuffed toys, ever hard to utilize.
An even handier service is "Gurumie".

You can keep a non-public diary.
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