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 Gyroscopic Elevated Ambulance: Fire Rescue Driving 1.0.1

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Welcome back in the Future where the view of luxury and public transportation is totally changed. Now the flying cars and flying bus are everywhere and your have advantage of this futuristic city. The advantage is that you are the good drive and done the job of private organization which name is future Gyroscopic bus public transport driver in this futuristic gyroscopic elevated bus driving games.As we know that you are the good firefighter gyroscopic bus driver so you are select in government sector of emergency fire rescue,fire brigade and city ambulance 911 rescue gyro driver.When you was the Gyro bus drive your responsibilities are very simple but if you were fail in your gyroscopic elevated duty then public will facing the delay problem in his daily life routine and also affected the passenger transportation.You would really enjoy this firefighter Gyroscopic Games with double decker Futuristic firetruck Bus elevated train driving simulator 3D.

But Now you are the Gyroscopic firetruck driver so your responsibilities are also changed which was before in elevated bus driver. Now you have to take decisions in second to rescue people from fire and accident places. Now you are working with fire brigade squad of american firefighter Gyroscopic national Authority. So you have to drive your fire truck as fast as you can so you and your team easily reached on rescue spot where you need to. Your duties are not enough to drive gyroscopic fire truck fast as you can but also very carefull on road. Because you also need to care about the road traffic racers and flying cars and futuristic flying Bus in sky. Flying Car driving simulator and transport bus riding is an easy task but drive Gyroscopic Elevated is not an easy task because of its shape and its linking with zameen. It means that this firefighter gyroscopic elevated is not fully sky bus simulator else on the other hand this simulation is run in sky tram simulator with single pipe rod which is 10 feet above to road injected in gyroscopic flying bus from one side and from other side of this thin straight bar is injected in earth.So you have to very careful about the people security because it is a public transporter games 2017. You have to drive your double decker Gyroscope train bus very cautions from flying cars and bus crash on your ride in this gyroscopic firefighting games.

Fight with fire like the real firemen and fight against the natural disaster of American city by using your 911 emergency fire rescue vehicle round double decker gyroscopic bus. Else you also have to help burning injured people by using your city Ambulance driver Gyro bus or and fight back with fire by use your gyro truck. It means that you have to high alert while you are on duty. Maybe you have to drive gyroscope firefighter truck or maybe you have to drive to emergency rescue ambulance driving simulation. It's all the demand of the situation on metro city accident and natural disasters. You might be enjoying this rescue mission by using your driving skill of high power gyroscopic games. It is a great fun to drive Gyroscopic train simulator in this advanced US metro city miami. Your duties might be different at different gyroscopic buses and challenging missions like, Let suppose you driven bus driving school at roads to transport children to his home to them teaching center. On the other hand if your duty is set on rescue public transporter gyroscopic elevated bus then you have to follow the map to get all the fire spots and accident points.

Features of Gyroscopic rescue Ambulance and Fire rescue Driver

🚑 Realistic Modern metro City 3D Environment
🚑 Multiple Gyroscopic Bus for rescue fire truck
🚑 HD Quality Display with multiple Camera views
🚑 Realistic Noning Sound and Music of driving
🚑 Fire and accidents animations
🚑 Electronically auto controlled fire control Gyroscopic bus
🚑 Smooth Turn Controls for Sharp turns
🚑 Gyroscopic Elevated are available for older.
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