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 Hair Trimmer Clipper 1.0


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Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad


Download the best Hair trimmer / Clipper / Realistic razor on IOS today!

Press the image of the Hair Clipper in the center of the screen and watch your IOS device transform into a realistic Salon Style Hair Clipper / Electric razor! And watch the colors change too!

- Realistic razor sounds recorded from a real device!
- Razor image color cycles when image is pressed!
- Choose razor image color!

How to Use:

1) Press the razor / clipper image in the center of the screen. The device will start to vibrate (iPhone only) and a realistic razor sound will play. (Make sure the volume is tuned up!)

2) Place the device close to one of your friend's head and then rotate the device. The device will play a shaving sound!

3) When you want the device from shaving / cutting, simply stop pressing the trimmer image.

Prank you friends by pretending like you are shaving them!
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