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 Half Left Dead 1.25

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A very unusual fantastic game Half Left Dead will introduce you new possibilities of playing on android. Half Dead is already a full game, which has something to do and evaluate.
In general, the game quite strongly resembles the movie "Cube", if someone did not see it necessarily look. According to the plot of the game Half Left Dead among the traps, there are familiar films on the films and the acid that is poured into your face, the doors open very similarly, and there are special marks on the floor in front of the doors.
Even to check new rooms for danger it is necessary to drop the shoe. And, like in the movie, the trap can not be activated right away - so taking your shoes in Half Dead is better than looking around.
Traps in the game left 4 dead games are two types - with and without. "Desperate" differ in that once you (or your boot) get into the room, the exits are closed and if you are inside, death can not be avoided.
But from the "first type" trap you can get out if you react in time and escape from a rotating flamethrower or a laser grid. In the arsenal of the authors of Half Left Dead there is also a fan sucking into the center of the room, materializing right in the room a maniac with a chainsaw and several more tricks designed to finish your study of the labyrinth prematurely. And of course scare.
In the game Half Left Dead on android absolutely not boring, sometimes from another room resorts exploding "kamikaze" or you directly on the doorstep burns a laser. Gradually, these things start to cause more fright and emotion.
Through time in the android-game Half Dead, the question arises, and what if you ran out of shoes? After all, from the "hopeless" trap they can not be reached! And in ordinary traps, boots can also easily be lost.
With the dynamics of the game-simulator Half Dead everything is all right. Especially in multiplayer, where you can play in several modes. There are even a couple of team. You really can think up some tactics in them. How to distribute the players in left for dead, in which order to explore the rooms. Moreover, because of the colors of the marks on the floor, you can calculate the position of the traps in the neighboring rooms.
The graphics in left for dead are generally pretty. Bright colors and precise (albeit with a minimum of details) elements of rooms and clothes - all are sustained in the style of "show on survival". The soundtrack also corresponds to the atmosphere and is made at the level.
Traps requiring an intelligent approach or team effort will definitely come to the place.
I suggest to download the game-simulator Half Left Dead on android for free!
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