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 Half Moon Night Mode - Blue Light Filter 1.2

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Half Moon - Blue light filter and Eye Protector is a night mode application that once enabled will filter out the blue colour and protect your eyes.

If you watch the device screen for long time to read or watch movies in night, your eyes may feel tired. The major cause of this is Blue light.

Blue light is defined as having a wavelength between 450−495 nm. This short wavelength means that blue light is a type of high-energy visible light. Violet, indigo, and some blue-green light are other types of high-energy visible light.

Exposure to blue light can increase heart rate and body temperature and even can disrupt your circadian rhythm

Read more about blue light : Effects of blue lights technology

Half Moon - Blue light filter is used to filter and reduce blue light by adjusting the screen to natural colours. Enabling Half Moon Night mode can relieve your eyes strain, and your eyes will feel at ease during night hours watching in phone.

Half Moon - Blue light filter will protect your eyes from Blue colour and help you sleep easily.


* Night Mode : This is a night mode application, which will dim your device light and reduce colour temperature.

* Battery Saved : Blue light have more temperature so it uses more battery and filtering out blue light will increase battery life.

* Eye Protector : Protect and keep your eyes as ease by filtering high temperature colours during night reading and watching movies.

* Screen Dimmer : Application can be used to only Dim the screen during day time or in night.

************ Half Moon - Eye Protector Profiles

Application comes with few ready made profiles those can be enabled for respective purpose. Like Default, Reading, Dim only profiles.

*********** Auto turn on at Dark

You can set a default profile and its timer to turn it ON automatically during dark and turn OFF in morning. You can also turn on/off profiles manually at any time.

********** Other Tips

* During installation of other apps/apks, you can pause the Half Moon - Blue Light filter from notification bar and can resume it back once the installation is done.

* Pause the Blue light filter before capturing device screenshots.

********* Auto Startup

If enabled and a restart of device happens during the night timer time, Night mode will automatically turn on.

Have a good sleep with Half Moon - Night Mode. 💤
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