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 Hangman Challenge 3.0.2

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A fun word guessing game for kids and adults alike!

You have to find the secret word in less than 7 tries or else the man will be very sad...

** Highlights: **
- Challenge Mode: Play against the clock with a given subject that changes every few days.
- Create your own subjects and words!
- Learn about the word you played with.
- Hints.
- Lots of subjects, divided to 12 categoiries and 3 difficult levels.

The game can be played either as a regular Hangman game,
or in a Challenge mode.

** Challenge Mode: **
-With Challenge mode the subject is given and changes every few days. You have to guess correctly all the words of this subject as fast as possible.
-Best players will enter the Records Table.
-Can't make it to the top 10? No problem, try again or come back tomorrow to play with a different subject.

** Regular Mode: **
-The game has lots of subjects to choose from.
For easy selection, you just select difficult level and the categories that interest you (Religion, Sports, Technology, etc), the subjects will be selected accordingly.
-Don't like a subject? - Just click the "Unlike" button and this subject will never appear again.
-You can also add subjects of your own. Just click the "Create Subject" button.
-Want to read more about the word you guessed? - Just click the quest mark icon.
-Need a hint? - Click the first-aid kit and a letter will be revealed!

For example, if you want to focus on Christian subjects(New Testament, Bible, Religious holidays, etc.) - Select just the "Religion" button and for any unwanted subject, click the "UnLike" button. Your selection will be remembered for later games as well.

Some subjects for example:
Religion: New testament, Bible books; Sports: Basketball (NBA), Football (NFL), Soccer, Tennis; People: World leaders, explorers; Nature: Animals, Mammals, Fish.
Also, USA specific subjects: Presidents, Wild west heroes and outlaws, and many many more!

Enjoy the game!
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