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Falcon or Hawk is an interesting bird. Can be used to play or to use. Used to throw Because of the noise it can chase pigeons. Or chase the other birds that will come down to damage the farm we have made. Including the hawk that there is usually no snake. Keeping the area safe, the Hawk Birds sound app has incorporated the Hawk's voice into this app, just one app. You can not live without it, because you can bring it to yourself or your loved ones.

Falcons, Hawks, Kites, Kestrels; Isan: Falcon) is a bird in the genus Falco, ranked among the birds of prey in the ranking. Falconiformes and Falconidae

Falcon resembles an eagle. Which is the same bird of prey. But the falcon is smaller. There is a beak in the hollow. Has sharp and strong claws. Fly quickly Wide and long wings spread. Can fly or glide high. And good eyesight Common foods of the hawk are smaller animals such as rodents, mammals, reptiles, aquatic animals such as fish or shrimp, and even larger animals such as deer.

In addition to the Falcon, there are also other birds. But in the same family called Hawks, such as Haliastur, Elanus, Haliaeetus and Microhierax. (Sometimes referred to as the eagle), etc.

Hawks found in Thailand are many species such as Haliastur indus, Haliaeetus leucogaster, Spilornis cheela.

And another is the Pandion haliaetus, which is a bird that has evolved its own. Have a family and your own.

As a bird of prey. And body size is not large. Falcons have been used by humans as pets for more than 2,000 years to benefit from a variety of uses, such as hunting, for fun. Or even used to chase other birds in airports or in certain communities.

In the belief of the chelsea. This is the prehistoric peoples of southern Thailand since Prehistoric times. Believe that Falcon is an ancestral spirit that leads to fish. An animal that helps in catching fish. The evidence is painted on the wall of the cave ghost. At Ao Luek district Krabi In addition, it is also believed that the Falcon will guide the deceased's soul into the afterlife. With a boat as a vehicle
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