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As the SUN symbol, 'DANDELION'
 Dandelion is associated with "Sun" and "Fire".
 The Enlightenment Symbol.
In contrast to most plants in general, the flowers are opened when they see the sun, but also symbolize positivity, progress and survival. Dandelion is also called "lion female." Leo includes symbolic meanings related to courage, pride, family (communication / connection). If we remember that the ruling planet of Leo Burcu is also the Sun, we can also find the symbolic link with the dandelion, which is a sun symbol.
The symbol of spring is also known as the dandelion, the name of the famous medicine and scientist Ibni Sina, the name of the beautiful journey to continue its life.
Papatyagiller (Asteraceae) is a common plant species from the family. The flowers are yellow, the leaves are green, but the plant is called "dandelion".
We bring you this wonderful plant 'dandelion' android phones. You can download the Dandelion Wallpapers application, which is made up of all 30 photos, for free by Google Play. You can back up and share photos from Dandelion Wallpaper application for free. If you want to download photos you need to make an in-store purchase for only one person. If you like the application of Dandelion Wallpaper, do not forget to give 5 stars.
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