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This App is high quality photo camera.
It's possible to take a very beautiful photograph with an original tone mapping composition engine. In HDR shot mode, RAW development and CanonLog development is possible.
It can leave the impresion seen by your eyes to a photograph !

About HDR(High Dynamic Range) Shooting:
By taking two or more photographs with which exposure is different, and carrying out tone composition, it is the photography method which can carry out extensive dynamic range (very beautifully from dark photographic subject to bright photographic subject) photography.
Not all photographic subjects have an effect and it can expect an effect greatly at the time of conditions when backlight conditions in case the sun is located at the front, and bright outdoor daylight has entered from the indoor window.
Moreover, in order to photo two or more sheets, please do not move a camera by any means at the time of photography.
The photographic subject which is moving cannot take a photograph.
If it can do, we will recommend you to fix to a tripod etc. and to take a photo.

Various functions can be accessed by easy gesture.
Swipe to display:It changes a display and un-displaying of a tool box and an information screen by expanding and reducing a preview screen.
Tap to display:A focus or exposure is adjusted to the place which carried out the tap.
Double tap to display:A focus or exposure is auto mode.
Tap with two fingers to display:A focus is lock or unlock.
Double tap with two fingers to display:An exposure is lock or unlock.
Swipe to information screen:It change a function button display of a tool box

[Tool Box]
It exchange function easy with one click.
・Focus lock / unlock
・Exposure lock / unlock
・Whitebalance lock / unlock
・Photography Resolution (High / Middle / Low)
・Picture Aspect 4:3 / 3:2 / 16:9 / 1:1
・Device Level
・Grid Line Gold Ratio / 2,3 and 4 Parted Line
・Flash on / off
・Self-Timer off / 2s / 5s / 10s
・Realtime image-analysis display (histogram / waveform display / color-gamut display)
・Single Shot mode
・HDR Shot mode
・Back face lens / Front face lens
・Location service
・Information on / off

[Information Screen]
Various information can be checked in real time.
Focus mode / Exposure mode / White balance mode / Lens mode
Self-Timer / Location service
Shutter Speed / F value / Focal length / ISO/EV value
Aspect / Resolution / Saved location / Photo number of sheets

・The taken photograph is indicated by high-speed in an album.
・Albums other than a camera roll can also be displayed.
・A copy and move of a photograph are possible without degradation of image quality.
・HDR photography of a local disk can be adjusted and developed any number of times later.
・Photography detailed information can also be displayed.

It take a high quality HDR photography by the tone mapping composition, and a processing of development is possible in the large dynamic range.
・Mode (select from normal, colorful, canon log mode)
colorful: The color of the highlight added a setup which becomes rich. Colors, such as evening glow, are reproduced very finely.
canon log: It's for cinema camera mode. It's limit of 800% dynamic range.
・Parameter (exposure, gamma, chroma saturation, pedestal)
・Development task is possible to do background.

[Extra Function]
・Three Customized Button (2s long press)
The change of a function becomes easy by registering the function used well.
Which can assign the button of tool box easily.
・Sleep Timer
Electricity can be saved by suspending the function of a camera and making a screen dark at the time of no 30-second operating it.
・Preview Function
It can save, after checking after photography.
・Memory / Disk / Battery capacity and Time display
Since the state of a device can always be checked, it is safe.
・Unique Self-Timer
We announce you the count of a self-timer with sound.
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