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The Heart Beat Rate Checker Prank application is to be used for fun activities with your friends or family members. Make yourself healthy. You can have fun with your relatives and your best friends by asking them to check their heart rate by placing thumb or finger on the scanner.

This amount will be different depending on the age, sex, and general soundness of a person. There will likewise be a huge difference in the normal heart rate of subjected person when contrasted with that person who hasn’t been subjected to this.

All you need is an android device and this app to calculate your Heart Rate. You don't need any extra hardware, you don't need to put your hand to your heart, all you need is this app installed.

This app provides you with an easy way of tracking your Prank Heart Rate. Fast Heart Rate and Slow Heart Rate can cause Heart Diseases and may result in fatality.
Your pulse is racing and your heart is in your mouth: It’s easy to determine your physical or mental condition based on your pulse - and not only when you’re excited.

It is a very simple and easy-to-use app.

Heart Beat Rate Checker Prank is a fun application used to calculate the heart rate using Finger Scanner.

Healthy resting heart rate is equal to normal heart beat rate. and normal heart rate is also ideal heart rate. And average heart rate by age is between 60 bpm to 100 bpm.

Period Tracker or Ovulation Tracker are medical equipment’s used during Menstrual Cycle as menstrual cycle is the process of changes in a female body when it prepares for pregnancy.

How To Use:

1- Click the application icon to launch the application.
2. Wait for application to launch.
3- Select Gender.
4- Click Next.
5- Place your finger or thumb on the scanner.
6- Hold your finger or thumb on the scanner for few seconds.
7- Results will be displayed after the completion of scanning.

Heart Beat Rate Checker Prank app is for entertainment purposes only. It does not calculate you Heart Rate or Heartbeat. Calculating Blood Pressure is not possible with your android device's screen. The displayed results are on random values. It is the best application for fooling your friends and family. To measure exact Heart Beat one should visit the doctor and should have thorough check up.

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