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 Heavy Metal QUIZ Music Box ☠️ Trivia Metal Game 🎸 2.0

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Metaleros of the whole world ☠️ finally the app that EVERYONE wished was already here

Would you say you are the # 1 Heavy Metal fan?

Heavy Metal Quiz Music Box will help you prove it !!!

Our game of guessing songs by artists or theme name, will allow you to challenge other followers of Metal Music around the world, to determine if you are or not the BEST of them all

The mechanics of the game are VERY EASY:
1. You will hear 15 seconds of the fragment of a Heavy Metal Music song
2. You will be presented with two types of questions: What artist, band or singer interprets it? What is the song that sounds?
3. If you respond more quickly, your POINTS ARE VALID MORE.

What Heavy Metal artists will you find in our game?

Alice Cooper
Black sabbath
Death Angel
Deep Purple
It gave
Guns N Roses
Into The Arena
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Metal church
Mötley Crüe
Quiet Riot
Skid Row
Ted Nugent
The Cult
The Michael Schenker Group
Twisted Sister
Tygers of pan tang
Van Halen
Yngwie Malmsteen

... Among others...

Heavy metal or more generically speaking, hard rock, it's a style
Which emerged in the late 1960s from rock. The main
Characteristic that distinguishes it clearly from this is the hardness of sound and
Radicalization of music, becoming more raw and heavy (hence its name).

We speak of a style that usually uses very simple structures, but which
Letters in order to send a message that complies with their
Objectives, be it social denunciation, political criticism or simply the
Claim to attract the attention of the general public and scandalize.

They tend to be very guitarist compositions and generally do not
They give importance to the solo voice, as in other styles (gospel, for
Example, where the voice is the main instrument), but they
Demonstrations of virtuosity as much as instruments.

It is not usually a movement that willingly accepts the great changes,
Although it heads a vital attitude that defends the constant evolution; is
For this reason a classic style, little renovating and that it costs him to adapt to the
Times and fashions, where the footprints still weigh too heavily
The so-called "dinosaurs"; Those big bands that follow in
The active scene prior to mid-1985, when one considers that one enters
In an era of decline in relation to the emergence of real news
Bands that become important within the specialized panorama; this
Does not mean that there are not, but there are few: Guns 'n' Roses,
Nirvana, Sepultura ... In addition, it is necessary to mention the transience of the same, that is to say,
They are by no means a continuous and permanent success as formations
Legendary as AC / DC, but fall into oblivion by evil misfortune (Nirvana,
With the death of its charismatic leader, Kurt Cobain, in strange
Circumstances), or the personal conflicts of the members of the group due to
Of what we popularly say happens when "success comes to your head", ending in the dissolution of the set (as Guns 'n' Roses).

However, throughout all these years the style has branched out into
Various sub-styles, which have developed their own
Characteristics: heavy metal proper, with compositions
Simple structures and great guitar riffs; Glam rock, where the
Acid letters that approach vulgarity and corrosive sounds; The speed o
Thrash metal, which is characterized by the speed imprinted on your music
Without leaving aside the quality; Grunge, an eminently urban style
Marked by letters and rhythms full of melancholy and angustiositat; he
Black metal, moved by dark letters, gothic sounds, heartbreaking voices and
Guttural, etc.
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