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In this app the best songs of the genre rock heavy metal online free around the world and in several languages ​​(English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, French among others.
Here you can listen to the artists and rock bands free Heavy metal fm-am like, for example: Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Panther, Motorhead, Venom, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Slipknot, AC-DC Celtic Frost, Iced Earth, HammerFall, Mercyful Fate, Exodus, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Saxon, Dream Theater, Testament, Kreator, Stratovarius, Accept, Manowar, Dio, Helloween, among many others.

subgenres, in a variety of styles both visual and sound. The best known are the trash, the doom, the black, the death, and the power metal, each one with its particularities and different instruments, some of them included keyboards and instruments typical of classical music such as the cello and the violin , some even use bagpipes and other less conventional instruments.

Subgenres of the metal: Bands of the New wave of the British heavy metal, Black symphonic metal, Blackcore, Brutal death metal, Melodic death metal, Thrash crossover, Crust punk, Progressive metal death, Crossover (metal), Black / doom, Ambient black metal , Death metal technical, Epic doom, Cyber ​​metal, Death / doom,
Avant-garde metal, Doom metal, Deathgrind, Deathcore, Cybergrind, Metalcore, Neo metal, Technical metal, Traditional metal, Teutonic metal, Symphonic metal,
Death and roll, Progressive metal, Aggressive metal, Prehispanic metal, Pirate metal, Metal melodic, Industrial metal, Gothic metal, Extreme metal, Alternative metal, Mathcore, Horror Metal, Heavy metal traditional, Groove metal, Grindcore, Gorenoise, Goregrind, Glam metal, Folk metal, Noisegrind, Slam death metal
New wave of American heavy metal, Speed ​​metal, Stoner doom, Rawck metal, Post-Black Metal, Stoner rock, Rap metal, Punk metal, Neue Deutsche Härte, Powercore,
Neoclassical metal, New wave of British heavy metal, Pornogrind, Post-metal.

Music of the Genre Metal All Day for the True lovers of metal we have these stations ready: RockRadio1.Com - Classic Hard Rock and Heavy,
Metal Express Radio, Classic Metal Radio by SoniXCast, Metal Devastation Radio, MetalRock.FM, Metal Rock Radio 64kb AAC, MetalRock FM CSNX-8766, The Metal Plague,
Progulus - Online Progressive Metal Radio, ChroniX | METALCORE®, m / CLASSIC METAL RADIO m /, Metal Messiah Radio, Fuel Radio - Christian Metal & Hard Rock Radio,
Metal Tavern Radio, RADIO METAL ON: Metal Meyhem Radio, PaganMetalRadio, CRUSHING METAL RADIO, Rapsodya Metal Radio, Radio Infernal Scream (Metal), Metal Blessing Radio, MetalxtremoRadio, Canadas Extreme Metal Radio - CEMR, Corrosive Metal, Advanced Metallica Radio, Metalourgio , World Of Metal, Metal Rock Radio by Sonixcast, Killer On The Loose: Emission Metal, Podcast Master of Metal, Close To The Metal, The Texas Metal Show, Heavy Metal Box, Metal Zone, Metal,
metalsv, The Metal MIXX, Local Metal, Todoexitos Metal, Kosher Metal, Metal PR, Big R Radio 80s Metal FM, Journey To The Realm Of Metal, La Grosse Radio Metal, Metal Voice, Metal Only Radio, Legion Of Metal, MIX ROCK METAL RADIO, and others.

The Best Songs of Rock and Metal in History: Back in Black, Welcome to the Jungle, Smell Like Teen Spirit, Sweet Child O'Mine, Bohemian Rhapsody, Starway to Heaven, November Rain, We Are the Champions, one, We Will Rock You, Master of Puppets, Paranoid, Let It Be, Chop Suey, Paradise City, Enter Sandman,
Thunderstruck, It's my Life, The Trooper, Iron Man, In The End, Hey Jude, Satisfaction, Black Sabbath Music, Panther Music, Crazy Train, Help, Painkiller, Jump, Peace Sells, Dr. Feelgood, Ace of Spades, Iron Maiden Music, Metallica Music, Cannibal Corpse Music, White Rat Music, Wizard of Oz Music, Nightwish Music, Saratoga Music, Anabantha Music, Hell's Angels Music.
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