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 helloEnglish 17.12-09

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helloEnglish is a new, innovative education app for the English language.
Unlike with other learning offers, the origin of the user is irrelevant. All vocabulary and sentences are presented audiovisually. The learning outcome is thus essentially based on the innate ability to learn through perception and communication and not on plain learning of grammar and vocabulary.

The users learns wherever and whenever he wants to! Once installed, no Internet connection is required, so it is easy to learn on the go.

A number of games offer variety and motivate to continue learning. All games can be paused at any time and can be continued later on.

Words and sentences can be displayed graphically as well as read out. The diverse presentations of the content thus supports the success of the learner.

Using a formal grammar, the app can generate a large number of syntactically correct and semantically meaningful German sentences for different everyday situations.

The following games are included:

· Vocabulary:
With this game, vocabulary can be learned and repeated. For each picture or audio, the correct vocabulary must be selected from four possibilities.

· Question? Answer!
This game examines the listening comprehension of a simple statement. A question is displayed and the answer is read out. The user then has to select the correct answer from the four possible and thus shows that he can understand both the question and the audio.

· Syntax:
This game requires some experience with the English language. The words of a sentence have been shuffled and the user has to put them in the correct order.

· Dictate:
Like the name suggests, practice writing. Mixed letters of a word have to be put back into the correct sequence.
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