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Alien is the prince of the Alpha planet in the galaxy X10. He was living happily with his parents. But one day, greedy uncle has betrayed his brother, the prince's father and king of the alpha. He has usurped the throne. Alien must wander to Earth to rebuild the force and wait for the right moment. His father was building secret bases in remote areas. Unfortunately, in the process of fleeing, his ship was broken, and fell to an unexpected location. Alien encounter numerous difficulties to go to the secret base of his father. Please help him ...
The difficulties he faced:
- Earth's environment is different Alpha planet. He needs to protect his air tank and quickly to bases. In which, he has air to breathe and fill the tank to reach the next base.
- Earth's gravity is very large, sunshine is very bright, they affect the ability of the alien look and jump.
- His father has created many monsters to protect the secret base. But because of the broken spaceship, Alien must overcome that monsters to reach the base.
- the energy he needs to open the base. But the spacecraft broken, he must get energy from monsters
How to play:
- When you click on the button "bouncer" then use your finger to touch the phone screen there will appear "bouncer". If Alien touches the "bouncer" he will jump.
- When you click on the "Grass" button you can use the "Grass" to bridle to help Alien cross the river or stop the dangers from falling to Alien.
- When hit "fire" Alien will fire on the monsters in front. (Because the light on Earth is very bright, it limits his vision.)
- Kill monsters to obtain energy
Note: His oxygen hat is easy to break. Need to protect it special.
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