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On this quiz you have 3 chances to complete all questions, if you lose all chances you will back to the first question.

Hero Academia Quiz is a tribute to the anime Boku no Hero or My Hero Academia (in english).

* Questions of the quiz

1. How does Bakugou call Izuku?
2. What is the Tokoyami's quirk?
3. What is the classroom of Izuku?
4. 80% of the population has superpowers.
5. What is the villain created just to kill All Might?
6. What is the name of All Might's quirk?
7. Who is the character below?
8. What was Izuku's team in the Cavalry Battle?
9. What is Aizawa's superhero name?
10. How does All Might is called?
11. What is the Katsuki Bakugou's quirk?
12. Who says ''It's okay now. Because I am here!''?
13. Who gets the first place in the test where Moriyama kills the bot of 0 points?
14. Who has the quirk Half-Cold Half-Hot?
15. What was the score of Uraraka on the Ball Throwing Test?
16. What is the episode that All Might appears for the first time?
17. Who is the character below?
18. What is the academy of Izuku?
19. What was the quirk of the first human with superpower?
20. Who is the character below?
21. All Might was the first to have the All For One.
22. Who is the character below?
23. How does All Might give his powers to Izuku?
24. How does Izuku call Bakugou?
25. What is the real name of All Might?
26. Todoroki gets second place on Obstacle Race.
27. Who is the character below?
28. The character below is the ....... of U.A
29. Endeavor is the father of

If you have any suggestion for questions, contact us at udsoff@gmail.com

(c) Shadow Priest 2017
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