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 Hero Goku Fighter 1.1


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You are not only the brave and strongest hero fighter but also the best in super saiyan 3d game and chasing your target in the city. Get ready & hold on tight because you are about to face the craziest enemy like wild animals in forest far away from city. Show your super saiyan hero fighting skills throw some knocks, do some flying kicks and show super saiyan kamehameha and other jumping skills to beat your enemy in the battle of hero goku. Achieve yours target in the most exciting & action filled goku hero 3d reto numérico game now! In addition to that, you also get to run with extra power around the city to chase with numerical challenge and precision to destroy enemies.

In this 3d adventure free game, son goku (japanese: 孫 悟空? hepburn: son gokū) is a imaginary character and main leading role of the fighting series. He is based on Sun Wukong, a main character in the classic chinese novel journey to the west. Goku is introduced in episode number #1 bulma and son Goku (ブルマと孫悟空? buruma to son Gokū).

There is fear on the streets of the city because of the gangsters in school are roaming around freely in this goku heroes saiyan. But goku hero warrior does not fear them because goku saiyan trusts his fighting styles to impose damage and his super saiyan io style. As goku hero jungle grows up, he becomes the earth's massive warrior and defends his accepted home planet from those who seek to damage it. He is showed as relaxed, smiling and pleasant when at ease, but quickly serious and strategic-minded when in battle. He is able to concentrate his ki and utilize it for terribly dominant energy-based outbreaks; the most prominent being his signature kamehameha (かめはめ波, lit. "turtle destruction wave"), in which goku games promotions a green energy blast from his palms. Also pure of heart, Goku has frequently granted sympathy to his enemies in this fictional super epic game, which has often received him extra associates in the game of stratgy(though has also resulted in others taking advantage of his kindness), and he is one of the few who can drive the magic cloud called kinto'un (筋斗雲, lit.

In super saiyan shadow, chase down wild and beast in goku games city. As goku warrior is causing chaos in the universe. Hero goku is one of the best third person game available that simulates the goku charisma from power animation series with all of his powers. In the series Hero Goku is loving of training in deep jungle (forest), facing and surviving all the threats present in the jungle. This game would gave you the exact realistic feeling, actually even more powerful, because you get to control the Goku and make him execute moves the way you want.

Game Features:-
Gorgeous graphics and amazing sounds
Transform to super saiyan for super powers
Throw fireball (Kamehameha)
Power moves (punches and kicks)
Various martial art features
Multiple missions to play in goku battle

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