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 Hero Goku Saiyan Super Fighting Expert 1.0.0


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In this Hero Goku Game, you are in a jungle island which is full of earth’s oddest creatures. You know surviving in a jungle is so hard and tough. In this game, you are being assigned a mission to finish these oddest creature. In these oldest creatures, you will see biggest spiders, dinosaurs and strange trees. These trees look so strange and enlighten with multiple colours light. In this game, you find yourself in a dreamy island in which you can see attractive trees, green scenery and dangerous animals.
The graphics of the game is fantastic and beautiful. This survivor game provides you an amazing adventurist environment which will do a good impact on your mode. Its music will stimulate you to do mission with great effort. You can also enjoy its music which will entertain you.
In this game hero Goku is a third person which has peculiar and surprising powers. He can throw canons from his palm and hit target by taking aim. These power canons look blue and are full of electricity. These deadly canons can kill the scorpion and raptors in no time. Goku can improve his power level by his chest. He can also fly in the sky like birds and can fast lyrics reached on the heads of targets. Hero Goku can also runs fastly towards Allusaurs raptors to finish them. He can also fight with his enemies by his punch and kicks.
In this fantastic game, you assigned a mission in which you kill spiders, Allusaurs, raptors and other enemy. Raptors looks like dinosaurs and they are very dangerous. In this survival, spiders are in big size and in different colors like black, brown or silvery. You would be remain active to complete the mission otherwise they will finished you. In the result of their attack, depleted gradually and at the end you will lose your chance. So be careful and active during playing this game.
Install the game and enjoy a great fun. During playing this super Goku game, you will find yourself in dangerous place with impossible and surprising powers.
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