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 Hexplode - Explode Your Way Down 1.38

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Hexplode is an easy to play, hard to master strategy game. The game board consists of a hex grid of colored gems and bombs, which is constantly shifting upwards. Swiping a group of 3 or more like-colored hexes removes them from the board, allowing everything above to fall down. The objective is to bring the bombs into contact with the floor, triggering explosions and creating more room to play. The player must explode the bombs faster than the game rises in order to stay alive!

* Swipe through groups of 3+ hex gems
* Clear the way to drop bombs to the floor
* Dig holes in the floor with EXPLOSIONS
* Dig downwards faster than the game rises to survive
* Relax with Zen mode, race the clock in Timed mode, or challenge yourself in campaign!

Zen Mode: Take your time and plan your path with this non-timed strategic challenge. The level will rise every set number of swipes - so swipe carefully!
* No time limit
* Relaxing play
* Zone out

Time Trial: Race against the clock to stay alive by digging downwards faster than the level rises. Swipe as many times as you like - the quicker the better!
* Race the clock
* Don't blink!
* Feel the rush!

Campaign: Complete a variety of increasingly-difficult challenges to advance levels. See how far you can go!
* Infinite levels
* Variety of challenges
* Challenge yourself!

* Addicting exploding hex game-play
* Match 3 style mechanics
* Music and sound effects
* Strategic turn-based mode
* Fast-paced time-based mode
* Infinite levels for never-ending play
* Highly re-playable
* Very limited ads for continuous play
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