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Hexpress is a musical toy instrument you can carry in your pocket. The instrument is played by pressing notes arranged in honeycomb grid. Hexpress instrument aims to be responsive, expressive and fun. Don't forget to bring your headphones!

There is a large number of instrument sounds built in to select from. Press Back button once and press on any note to select instrument mapped to that note.

Rotating the device instantly changes the tremolo effect and reverb intensity. Because this changes the sound completely, it's best to learn through experimentation. Tilt the device left and right to decrease and increase tremolo frequency. Tilt the device towards you and away from you to decrease and increase reverb intensity and room size. Slow fade-in effect is also possible by tilting device away from you.

There are several advantages to the honeycomb layout of notes compared to standard piano layout:

* effective utilization of device screen (3 octaves range)
* intervals are same all over the instrument, learning and transposing patterns is easy
* most chord shapes are grouped tightly and they can be executed with single finger swipe
* in typical scale and melody runs, notes are alternated between fingers of two hands, so they can be played with speed and precision
* large intervals are as accessible as smaller intervals
* you have to learn only two positions for each scale/arpeggio - one starting on left hand, and other position starting on right hand

Synth sounds use The NSynth Dataset, made available by Google Inc. under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

This app is work in progress, so interface, sounds and features are subject to change. All feedback is appreciated.
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