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 Hidden Camera Detector 2018 – Anti Spy Camera 1.0

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• The Hidden Camera Detector 2018-Anti Spy Camera detector is an amazing and creative innovation of 2018. Hidden Camera Detector 2018 app has released with some sort of new functionalities. The app provides you an easy way to be more secure from being spied from the micro cameras that capture your activity. The app has an easy GUI to use. When you got to somewhere like new places (Hotel, Restaurant, Guest House) so you can easily scan the whole area with The Hidden Camera Detector app. This will allow you to locate and find any camera being fixed for spy purposes inside room, toilet or restaurant.

• Most importantly, the hidden camera detector 2018 app also provides you to scan and detect any electronic device like headphone, iPad, Mobile, TV and Laptop around you. Just click or tap the scan button and move your mobile in different directions wherever you are to find any electronic device with easily. When you move the mobile the app start scanning the area and the radiation meter sensors are actively detecting the electromagnetic rays when it inbounds to the radiation meter.

• How To use Hidden Camera Detector 2018 anti-spy camera and How to scan the area around you

• Just bring your phone near to any device that you have doubt. For example - shower, flowerpot, changing room mirror and detect spy hidden camera.
If the magnetic field graph values rise then there is probably a spy hidden camera or microphone in that particular area and then you will be notified while the phone beeps when the camera has been detected any device (Camera, Microphone).
Hidden Camera Detector 2018– anti-spy camera works best detecting all metal cameras up to 15 cm away from your device and working best detecting ferromagnetic materials such as detect camera and it can’t detect non-ferromagnetic materials such as aluminum or other material.

• Main Features

1. Detect Spy Camera
2. Detect Spy Devices
3. Detect Suspicious devices
4. Radiation meter 还呗, sensors, hi spy, spy detect, hidden video camera, Detector, spy camera detector,
5. Camera Filter 몰래카메라몰카, field camera, φακό φακού, candid camera, Giros
6. Quick Scan
7. locate Spy Devices
8. Magnetic Sensor
9. Detect Electronic Devices
10. Detection Alarm
11. Find Metals
12. Free Camera Detector
13. Easy Scan hidden camera detector, camera detector ,spy hidden camera Gyro
14. Awesome UI spy camera detector
15. Detect Infrared Camera
16. Detect Infrared Devices
17. Detect electronic Infrared Devices
18. Detect TV, Radio, Laptop, metel detector
19. Magnetic Flux, gyrosphere, Magnet, magnetic field, magnets, detecting
20. Find Hidden Camera
21. spy camera detector, hidden camera detector, camera detector Radiation Meter Infrared fleck spy Camera Detector spy hidden camera Tips and tricks More Apps Detected Cameras.

• Radiation Meter
The Hidden Camera Detector 2018– anti spy Camera App's radiation meter also helps you detect hidden cameras around you.
It only beeps when the magnetic readings match with that of hi spy camera. The magnetic readings are shown on a real-time graph and an alert is generated when a device or spy cams is detected.

• Infrared camera detector
Hidden Cam Detection - Anti Spy Camera comes with another feature which is detecting infrared light by sensor. Field camera, anti scam protection, hide camera, camera detector, Verticals.
Only open the Anti Spy Camera and scan for white light that appear on screen but not visible by naked eye. Such white light indicate infrared light.

• The more essential and indispensible functionality of this app is that it also notify you when there’s a hidden spy camera around you. Those cameras that cannot be seen by naked or real eyes. So it helps you to be aware and keep safe from that kind of unseen cameras.

• Please download and share our app to help others. Also share this app with your friends, family, colleagues and co-workers. Also rate this app, your rating means everything to us.
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