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 Hidden Camera Detector 2.1

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This is an app that detects hidden cameras that is also easy to use.
The app will indicate the presence of the camera and sound an alarm.
For instance, the app will protect your personal privacy from hidden cameras in shower heads, fire alarms, clocks, wall-mirrors, and etc.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

How can I find hidden cameras?
It’s simple. For instance when you are using a public bathroom or simply changing clothes in a shopping mall, turn on the app and place the phone in close proximity to the suspected area of the hidden camera. The app will sound an alarm when the likelihood is high that a hidden camera is planted.

How accurate is the product?
The accuracy depends on the performance and the ability of the internal sensor. Also, the app will likely detect commonplace electronic appliances (TVs, PCs, microwaves, etc.) that emits electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic field (EMF) is approximately 49μT(490mG, 1μT=10mG). If a metallic or magnetic object is in close proximity, this number will likely rise.

Would this work on every smartphone?
The app utilizes the electromagnetic sensor in different devices. If your cellular device does not have an electromagnetic sensor, the app will not function appropriately.
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